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Charming winter journeys in Yamagata

Yamagata Hot Springs G'Day Japan!

Mogami Yamagata’s scenic Mogami region, named for the 224 kilometre-long river which flows through it, is more than three-quarters covered in mountainous forest. Much of the forest is ancient, some of the trees millennium-old giants measuring three metres or more around the base of their trunks. … Read More

The charms of Yamagata’s hot spring inns

Yamagata Discover G'Day Japan!

Lounging around in a comfy yukata kimono, eating delicious gourmet cuisine, ready to slide into a hot spring at a moment’s notice – there’s nothing quite like the luxury of a hot spring inn, or 'onsen ryokan'. Yamagata Prefecture is rich in historic hot spring inn communities, some hidden away in r… Read More


Niigata Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Historic alpine retreat, blessed with abundant powder Situated 30 minutes from the Japan Sea coast in the mountains of Joshin'etsu Kogen National Park, Myoko is a vintage Japanese alpine resort with a history dating back over 100 years. In winter, it is naturally blessed with a charming combin… Read More

Kagura Ski Resort

Niigata Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  742 Mitsumata, Yuzawa-machi, Minami Uonuma-gun  |  2+81-25-788-9221  |  Days Mon-Fri 8:00-17:00, Sat & Sun &Holidays 7:30-17:00  |  Travelling times to Naeba & Kagura Ski Resort Tokyo: 2 hrs (bullet train and bus)   IMMERSIVE POWDE… Read More


Niigata Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Romantic hot spring town on the doorstep of the snow country Echigo-Yuzawa inspired the Nobel Prize-winning novel 'Snow Country', and has created a dream-like legacy of romance in the white winters of the north-eastern Japanese countryside. Snow Country was born from the pen of Yasunari Kawabat… Read More

Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort

Nagano Discover G'Day Japan!  |  Toyosato 7653, Nozawaonsen-mura, Shimotakai-gun  |  2+81-269-85-3166  |  Days 8:40-17:20, Nights 16:30-20:00  |  Travelling times to Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort Tokyo: 2 hrs 25 min (train), Osaka: 4 hrs 30 min (train)   QUALITY AND QUANTITY Nozaw… Read More


Nagano Hot Springs G'Day Japan!

Pioneering powder resort with historic hot springs Nozawa Onsen has depth as a snow holiday destination in more ways than one. The first things that come to mind for skiers and snowboarders are its average 12-metre snowfall every year, and snow pack exceeding five metres in the highest sectio… Read More

Madarao Mountain Resort

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Madarao-kogen, Iiyama City  |  2+81-26-964-3214  |  Days 8:30-17:00, Holiday Nights 17:00-21:00  |  Travelling times to Madarao Mountain Resort Tokyo: 3 hrs (train), Osaka: 5 hrs (train)   EXPERIENCE MADAPOW FEVER Get in touch with your wild side at the … Read More


Tokyo Discover G'Day Japan!

Welcome to Tokyo, the only place in the world that you can eat Michelin-starred food for under $10, sleep in a capsule, or watch live baseball at 4am in the morning. It is without a doubt one of the busiest, craziest, more bizarre cities on the planet! The list of things you can do here is lite… Read More

Tangram Madarao Tokyu Resort

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Shinano-machi, kami-minochi-gun  |  2+81-26-258-3511  |  Days 8:30-16:30  |  Travelling times to Tangram Madarao Tokyu Resort Tokyo: 3 hrs (train), Osaka: 5hrs 30min (train)   ONE-STOP POWDER SHOP Tangram Madarao Tokyu Resort has refined eve… Read More


Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Unearth the home of Madapow Madarao Kogen is an all-season alpine resort in the far north of Nagano Prefecture, with magnificent views to the Sea of Japan from its highest peak, the 1,382-metre Mt Madarao. Its fluffy powder is known as Madapow, is definitely making a name for itself: snow depth… Read More


Nagano Discover G'Day Japan!

Meditate on the Zenkōji Plain from an amazing hot spring Yomase Onsen is a small hot spring oasis with incredible views from Kita Shiga Kogen's 1,352-metre Mt Kosha. With snowflakes melting on them as they fall, skiers and snowboarders soak in its famous Tōmi-no-yu outdoor baths (rotenburo) du… Read More


Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

A natural choice for a great snow holiday Blessed with great powder, scenery and natural hot springs, Kita Shiga Kogen was always a snow holiday destination in the making. The area is open for riding from December until May and includes Ryuoo Ski Park, which boasts a 166-person capacity ropeway to… Read More