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Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Let the pros lead you into the world of split-boarding By James A. Robb, Guide/Instructor, Evergreen Outdoor Center, Hakuba   Whether you are new to the backcountry touring game or an experienced boarder looking to venture further afield, once you make the split you'll never go back! … Read More

Hakuba Happo-one

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Hokujo Happo, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun  |  2+81-261-72-3066  |  Days 8:00-17:00, Nights 18:00-21:00  |  Travelling times to Happo-one Tokyo: 3 hrs 40 min (train & bus), Osaka: 4 hrs 30 min (train)   POWDER PIONEER Happo-one is one of the Hakuba V… Read More

Hakuba 47 Mountain Sports Park

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Kamishiro 24196-47, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun  |  2+81-261-75-3533  |  Open 8:00-16:30  |  Travelling times to Hakuba 47 Tokyo: 2 hrs 40 min (train), Osaka: 4 hrs (train)   RAD PARKS AND IGLOOS A distinctively Gen Y resort in comparison to the man… Read More

Hakuba Goryu

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Kamishiro 22548, Hakuba-mura, Kitaazumi-gun  |  2+81-261-75-3131  |  Days 8:15-16:50, Nights 18:00-21:30  |  Travelling times to Hakuba Goryu Tokyo: 2 hrs 40 min (train); Osaka: 4 hrs 30 min (train)   ROOM  FOR EVERYONE Covered in Japan Alps-quali… Read More


Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Nagano's international powder playground Eleven powder-rich resorts. One pass. And in 2016-2017, a new tap-and-go ticket gate system. The Hakuba Valley just keeps getting better. One of the leading snow resort areas in the Northern Japanese Alps, its international credentials were firmly es… Read More

Kamui Ski Links

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Nishioka 112, Kamui-cho, Asahikawa-city  |  2+81-166-72-2311  |  Open 9:00-17:00  |  Travelling times to Kamui Ski Links Asahikawa: 40 min (bus), Sapporo: 1 hr 25 min (car)   DISCOVER MORE With average winter temperatures of around five degrees colder t… Read More


Hokkaido Discover G'Day Japan!

Where the polar bears play, and the skiers stay Mid-winter in Asahikawa, Hokkaido's second-largest city, is a time of diamond dust sparkling in the morning sun, and giant snow sculptures lighting up the night with luminescent colour. The city's average daytime temperature during February is… Read More

NAC Otoe Powder Cat

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Otoe, Otoe-cho, Fukagawa-city  |  2+81-166-72-3000  |  Days 8:00-17:00  |  Travelling times NAC Otoe Powder Cat  Asahikawa 30 min (car), Furano 1 hr (car)   PRIVATE JAPOW As the first company to introduce adventure tours to the Niseko and Mukawa… Read More

Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU

Hokkaido Discover G'Day Japan!  |  079-2204 Nakatomamu, Shimukappu-mura, Yufutsu-gun  |  2+81-167-58-1111  |  Days 9:00-16:00, Nights 16:00-18:00 (Mon-Thu), 16:00-19:00 (Fri-Sun, Holiday)  |  Travelling times to Hoshino Resorts TOMAMU New Chitose Airport: 1 hr 30 min (car), Asahikawa Airport: 3 h… Read More


Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

To go where no piste has gone before Tokachidake is nature in the Hokkaido Powder Belt 'as is'. There are no lifts, no groomed runs, and no crowds; just pure powder to be enjoyed. The area consists of Tokachidake, a 2,077-metre volcano, and Tokachidake Onsen, a hot spring village dotted with w… Read More

Furano Ski Resort

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!  |  Nakagoryo, Furano-shi  |  2+81-167-22-1111  |  Days 8:30-17:00, Nights 17:00-20:00  |  Travelling times to Furano Ski Resort Asahikawa Airport: 1 hr 5 min (bus), New Chitose Airport: 2 hrs 50 min (car)   PURE POWDER PLEASURE Furano Ski R… Read More


Hokkaido Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

The beautiful heart of frontier Japan Quintessentially still a country town, Furano has Eden-like qualities that have long attracted nature-lovers, artists, photographers and film crews. Its seasons are similar to Northern Europe, with heavy snows blanketing the landscape in winter, and mil… Read More


Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Furano Tokachidake Tomamu Kamui Asahikawa Asahidake Kurodake It's official. Powder has acquired the status of a religion on Hokkaido, with some of its staunchest exponents found spreading the gospel throughout the Hokkaido Powder Belt. There's not a lot of convincing to be done about its great… Read More


Hokkaido Discover G'Day Japan!

Home of Hokkaido's larger-than-life snow festival The Sapporo Snow Festival (Sapporo Yuki Matsuri) is one of the biggest highlights of the winter season in Japan. Hundreds of ice sculptures and statues take over Sapporo's Odori Park, and Tsudome and Susukino areas for the festival every Februa… Read More

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Basics G'Day Japan!

Culturally rich, regionally diverse and technologically advanced, Japan offers an experience that is truly unique. To make your trip truly convenient as well, here are some essentials and tips that will enable you to travel smart, stay connected, dine and shop, and stay comfortable as you travel Ja… Read More


Hokkaido Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Fall in love with Hokkaido's historic port A fishing port close to Sapporo, Hokkaido's capital, Otaru grew with the development of the island's rail network to inland coal fields during the nineteenth century. Beautifully maintained European heritage buildings constructed during this era still… Read More


Hokkaido Hot Springs G'Day Japan!

Hot spring heaven around the corner from Niseko Niseko still has a few secrets up its sleeve, and one of these is Niseko-cho, or the Niseko town district. Covered by forests and rivers, it is an abundant farming area known for melons, asparagus and tomatoes; eateries in town serve farm prod… Read More

Niseko Grand Hirafu

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan! | Yamada 204, Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun | 2+81-136-22-0109 | Days 8:30-20:30, Nights 18:30-20:30 (Limited time only) | Travelling times to Grand Hirafu New Chitose Airport: 2 hrs (car), Sapporo: 2 hrs 30 min (train)   WORLD CLASS Niseko Grand Hirafu is … Read More


Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Once you go, you can never get enough… Of all the reasons to visit Niseko on a snow holiday, the most important one is, has and always will be one thing: powder, and lots of it. The powder which comes with cold winds all the way from Russia is served fine, dry and in bulk from November to Apri… Read More


Ishikawa Culture G'Day Japan!

The bullet train journey from Tokyo through the Japan Alps to Ishikawa Prefecture is like being fast-forwarded through a Japanese winter hall of fame; a snow resort from the Nagano Winter Olympics here, a hot spring retreat that inspired a Nobel Prize-winning novel there. The pot of gold at the end… Read More