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Hotel New Otani is an exquisite hotel in Tokyo. The hotel was originally built to accommodate international guests visiting for Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Since then, the hotel has taken care of many VIPs and has become known to provide high standard hospitality to all of its guests. There is a 40,000 square metre Japanese garden within the hotel property, which has more than a 400 year history. During the Edo period, Japanese feudal lords, the “Daimyos”, often created gardens such as this within their residences “Daimyo Yashiki” or their second mansions “Buke Yashiki”.

Hotel New Otani is conveniently located, with entertainment and shopping districts such as Shinjuku and Ginza being 10 minutes away via subway.

Enjoy a luxurious, comfortable and convenient stay at Hotel New Otani.

Hotel New Otani Tokyo
4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3265-1111
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| Temperature: 26

The capital and the most well known city of Japan. Tokyo is one of the world’s most highly populated cities with over 13 million residents and it is the centre of both modern and traditional culture, technology and innovation that comes from Japan.