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The night view in Japan has to be one of the best in the world! Japan’s night comes alive when the lights glow up every corner of the city and the stars come out to play. Now, imagine overlooking this stunning view from the very top! Japan’s night view is no joke! The beauty of the scenery already makes you fall head over heels for it, but paired with the colourful city lights, there are no words to describe how amazing this is. 

Let me introduce to you places where you can best appreciate these divine night views! Regardless of whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, family, or a couple, this is meant for everyone to enjoy!

1. Tokyo, Shibuya Sky, Japan’s night view

Tokyo, Shibuya Sky, Japan’s night view
Photo via Japan Travel by Navitime

Shibuya Sky is a fantastic modern indoor and outdoor observation deck, located in the 230m tall Shibuya Scramble Square skyscraper. The building became available to the public on November 1st, 2019. Shibuya Sky is also Japan’s newest observation deck and Shibuya’s tallest building. The observation deck not only offers panoramic views of Shibuya and Tokyo city but knows how to compliment it in the most creative way, which definitely elevates the visitors’ experience to a whole new level. Shibuya Sky has 3 zones which are the ‘Sky Gate’, ‘Sky Gallery’ and ‘Sky Stage’. 

‘Sky Gate’ is the entrance to the rooftop area called ‘Sky Stage’. It is located on the 14th floor where you can buy the tickets for Shibuya Sky. This is followed by taking the elevator up to the 45th floor to the ‘Sky Stage’.  This isn’t just a regular elevator, it’s a cool one. Surprisingly, it forms part of this experience because when you look up at its ceiling, it has a digital screen installation which will definitely memorise you. Meanwhile, the ‘Sky Gallery’ is the indoor area where you can see the night view, along with the featured interactive digital art displays and information, gift shop and even a ‘Paradise Lounge’ bar and cafe. 

Sky Stage

The climax is the ‘Sky Stage’ which is the outdoor observation deck, located on the rooftop where you get a 360 degree night view over Tokyo. This rooftop is super spacious! Here, there are so many things to take pictures of. With this in mind, you might find yourself lining up to take a photo at the corner edges that have an amazing night view in the background. Also, watch over the busy Shibuya Crossing and spot in the distance the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Skytree, Mt.Fuji and more. To add to this exciting time, there is a light show named  ‘Crossing Light’ which includes 18 blue light beams directed into the night sky. In addition, the ‘Sky Stage’ has a helipad, observation compass, lounging area and so forth.   

【Official website】Click Here
【Address】Shibuya Scramble Square 14F, 45F, 46F and rooftop, 2-24-12 Shibuya, Shibuya Tokyo.
【Opening hours】9am-11pm (final entry 10pm).
【Price】Adults (18 years old and over) are ¥2,000 (Purchased ticket same day).
【Access】Shibuya Sky is above Shibuya station, B6 subway exit.


2. Tokyo Skytree night view

Tokyo Skytree night view
Photo via TimeOut

Tokyo Skytree is a popular 634m high television broadcasting tower that is highly visited for its two stunning indoor observation decks, the Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria. In fact, this tower is the highest in Japan. Here, you will be able to appreciate and deeply immerse yourself in the spectacular birds-eye view of the city’s beautiful night scenery, filled with a sea of shining lights!  Even photos can’t do it enough justice. Both observation decks are accessed by an elevator.

Tembo Deck

The Tembo Deck is 350m in height and offers a wide 360 degree night view over Tokyo. This observation deck allows you to spot the Tokyo Tower, Sumida River and Senso-ji in Asakusa and more. Also, if you go on a day where the weather permits, you may even be lucky to spot Mt.Fuji in the distance. 

Tembo Galleria

Next, the elevator ride up to the Tembo Galleria is indeed special. This is due to the beautiful night view that can be seen through the transparent glass windows as you go up. The Tembo Galleria is 450m tall. This observation deck includes a unique spiral ramp that rises as it goes around the tower (around 110m). Giving sky-high views which may be a little scary looking down but nonetheless, thrilling. At the end of this ramp lies an observation deck that has areas where you can lounge and relax while overlooking the amazing views that Tokyo has to offer.   

【Official website】Click here
【Address】1 Chome-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida City, Tokyo 131-8634, Japan
【Opening hours】8am-10pm (final entry 9pm)
【Price】Adult, Tembo Deck: ¥2100 (weekdays), ¥2300 (weekends and holidays)
Adult, Tembo Deck and Tembo Galleria: ¥3100 (weekdays), ¥3400 (weekends and holidays)
【Access】20 minutes on foot, across the Sumida River from Asakusa.  



3. Osaka, Umeda Sky Building night view

Osaka, Umeda sky building night view
Photo via Matcha

The Osaka Umeda Sky Building is 173m in height and is known for its brilliant architecture. Here, the architecture is unique as it connects two skyscrapers (east tower and west tower) at the very top by a circular observatory. This observatory is referred to as the ‘Floating Garden Observatory’ or ‘Kuchu Teien observatory’. 

Way up to Observatory

The elevator ride up to the 35th floor from the 3rd floor is indeed a cool one. This is due to the beautiful night view that can be seen through the transparent windows as you go up. Hop into the photo-worthy 45m long escalator tube which has see-through windows. It feels like it’s floating in the air, paired with stunning views of Osaka city surrounding you. There are two escalators that run in separate directions (up and down), acting as a bridge between the two towers. This escalator will take you to the 39th floor which is the entrance to the outdoor observation deck ‘Floating Garden Observatory’. The observation deck is on the 40th floor which is the outdoor rooftop. There is also a lower indoor observation area. 

Floating Garden Observatory

Discover the amazing 360 degree night view over the Umeda area and Osaka City. The most beautiful time to visit is at sunset, it just might take your breath away! Lookout at the stunning night lights while spotting the Yodogawa River and if the weather permits, perhaps you can see the long bridge Akashi Kaikyo. There is a rooftop area called ‘Fence of vows’ which includes hung up heart locks where visitors can put personal name engravings on and lock onto the fence as a memory. At night, look down at the dreamy illuminated floors below your feet. The floor is filled with hundreds of glow in the dark glitter dots that remind you of a sky full of stars.  

【Official website】Click here
【Address】1 Chome-1-88 Oyodonaka, Kita Ward, Osaka, 531-6023, Japan
【Opening hours】10am-10:30pm daily (Final entry 10pm).
【Price】¥1,500 Adult for ‘Floating Garden Observatory’.
【Access】From Osaka Station and Umeda Station, it is 9 mins on foot.  



4. Shizuoka, Nihondaira, Plateau night view (Mount Fuji) 

Shizuoka, Nihondaira, Plateau night view (Mount Fuji)
Photo via nippon.com

Nihondaira, Shizuoka city is a hill and plateau that is 307m tall, close to the coast of Suruga Bay. This is a brilliant scenic spot and Nihondaira Prefectural Natural Park that provides breathtaking night views. To make it even more special, Mt.Fuji stands as the backdrop! Below is Shimuzu Port, the Southern Alps and the Izu Peninsula. This is an observatory surrounded by nature. From the green hillsides, you can see tea plantations and Mt.Fuji in one frame. At night, the lights shine bright under Mt. Fuji, making the experience indeed magical. 

【Official website】Click here
【Address】Kusanagi, Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka, 424-0886, Japan
【Opening hours】24 hours everyday.
【Price】Adult: Free
【Access】Take an approx. 50 min bus from Shizuoka Station to Nihondaira bus stop. Then, it is a short walk.     


5. Ichikawamisato, Mitama Hot Spring night view 

Ichikawamisato, Mitama Hot Spring night view
Photo via Fujisan Prefecture

Mitama Hot Spring is placed on the summit of a 370m hill in Ichikawamisato town. It is a 1-day spa offering outdoor hot springs, sauna and indoor baths. The hot springs are a bonus to perfectly complement the amazing night scenery. Imagine the peacefulness of sitting in a hot spring, feeling the fresh breeze, paired with the bright night lights. It doesn’t seem to get any better than this moment. Especially at sunset, you will be blown away by how charming the landscape is! The outdoor hot springs spa is unique as it offers stunning night views of Kōfu Basin and the Southern Alps. As well as divine mountains like Yatsugatake and Mt.Kita. In fact, Mt.Kita is Japan’s 2nd highest mountain (Mt.Fuji is 1st). It will be a relaxing experience like no other as you immerse yourself to the fullest in the most dreamy nature surroundings.          

【Official website】Click here
【Address】2608 Otsuka, Ichikawamisato, Nishiyatsushiro District, Yamanashi 409-3611, Japan
【Opening hours】10am-11pm daily (final entry 10:30pm).
【Price】Adult ¥770
【Access】From Kai-Ueno Station, there is a shuttle bus (free of charge). 


6. Nagasaki, Mount Inasa night view

Nagasaki, Mount Inasa night view
Photo via The Gate

Mount Inasa or Inasa-yama Park is a famous 333m tall mountain and hill, located west of Nagasaki city. Here, Mount Inasa night view is referred to as the ‘10-Million-Dollar Night View’ of Nagasaki.  There is a glass exterior, observation deck tower on top of Mount Inasa. It offers an outdoor 360 degree panoramic sight of the most beautiful and colourful night lights you have ever laid eyes on in nature surroundings like the sea and mountains! In short, you can spot the Megami Bridge and the city’s buildings. From Mt. Inasa, the night scene of Nagasaki city and Nagasaki Port is so remarkable that it would be difficult to take your eyes off this beauty for a second. 

Nagasaki Ropeway

Visitors can get to the summit of the mountain, Inasa Dake Station by taking an approx. 5 min cable car ride via the Nagasaki Ropeway. This starts from Fuchi Shrine Station at the bottom of the mountain. Not to mention, the cable car’s scenic view is just as lovely, in both directions up and down. 

Some visitors also decide to take approx. one hour hike up from Fuchi Shrine to the top of Mount Inasa (before sunset). If you go at sunset, you can slowly watch the view unfold and transform right in front of you as the lights turn on one after the other! In due time, the lights become more and more evident as the night sky gets darker. Don’t worry, I guarantee the photos will turn out great regardless of whether you are an expert or not because the view speaks for itself.       

【Official website】Click here
【Address】Fuchimachi, Nagasaki, 852-8012, Japan
【Opening hours】9am-10pm everyday
Nagasaki Ropeway : 9am-10pm
【Price】Free entry (observation deck)
Nagasaki Ropeway : Adult ¥1250 (round-trip).
【Access】From JR Nagasaki station, take about a 10 min bus ride (routes 3 or 4) which is bound for Shimohashi. Get off at Nagasaki Ropeway bus stop. Walk to Fuchi Shrine Station to get on the Nagasaki Ropeway.

The night view in Japan is something you wouldn’t want to miss out on as it perfectly completes your holiday. When it comes to night views, Japan continuously outruns itself. It is no surprise as to why tourists can’t help but flock to these places as it is undeniably one of the best. If you haven’t already, make sure to add these places to your sightseeing bucket list! It is certainly worth it!