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Japan has many places to discover beyond what you know. If you have travelled to Japan before and are looking for a new experience then look no further, Toyama Prefecture should be on your next stop! Toyama is home to various beautiful sights including their famous skiing and snowboarding spots. Toyama prefecture is located in Hokuriku region, northwest of the main Honshu Island in Japan. Here, you will be able to escape from the world of technology and feel in sync and a deeper appreciation for nature.

No matter the season, Toyama Prefecture is just as beautiful, with a different aura. 
Let’s explore the best places to visit in 4 distinct seasons of summer, spring, autumn and winter. 

1. Summer in Toyama prefecture 

<Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route>

Toyama prefecture, Summer at Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
Photo via Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is a route tourists can take to see the beautiful view of the mountains! Discover the many amazing highlights Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route has to offer. This route passes by the beautiful Mt. Tateyama in Japan Alps. It has unique transport vehicles such as the Tateyama cable car, Tateyama Ropeway or old-style trolley bus. You can also take hikes along Murodo to see the Tateyama mountain range which is the highest point on this route.

Summer is indeed the perfect period to challenge yourself to a long nature hike in the Northern Alps. In summer, the snow begins to melt away which makes it easier to hike. This hike is so high, it is referred to as the ‘roof of Japan’.  To add to that list, check out the Kurobe Dam which is a huge arch dam, about 186 meters in height. It looks stunning when it pours out water in summer. Also, you may be lucky enough to spot a rainbow in it.   

Spring is also a good time to visit Murodo Snow Corridor. It is very famous for its snow walls going up to about 20 meters in height. A section of the alpine road is made empty from the snow, in order to pave the way for visitors to pass through to see the enchanting snow walls in spring. For that reason, the best time to see this would be spring since the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route opens in Spring anyway. It will surely be an experience you won’t forget.  

【Official website】Click here 
【Best time】Summer: June (Summer June-August),
Spring: Mid April- End of May (Spring March-May)
【Access】Take Toyama Chiho Railways to get to Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route.
Alpine route:  From Dentetsu-Toyama Station to Tateyama Station (1 hour) then take the cable car.


2. Spring in Toyama prefecture

<Matsukawa River>

Spring at Matsukawa River
Photo via All About Japan

What better way to welcome spring in Toyama City than to check out the blooming flowers! The Matsukawa River makes the perfect hanami (flower viewing) spot to see the 460 beautiful lined up cherry blossom trees in spring. To get a more personal close-up experience, enjoy a 30-minute calming river cruise down the river. Look up! There will be a tunnel of sakura flowers just above you, under the bright blue sky. In the meantime, take in the relaxing sounds of nature such as birds chirping and water flowing. Certainly a treat to both the eyes and ears!

【Official website】Click here
【Best time】Early April.
【Access】From Toyama Station, it is a 10 min walk.



<Tonami Tulip Fair Festival>

Spring at Tonami Tulip Fair Festival
Photo via Good Luck Trip

This place calls out to flower lovers, photographers or those who just wanna have fun! Tonami Tulip Fair Festival is held at the Tonami Tulip Park in Spring. This event consists of over 2 million tulips with about 500 types, and in a variety of colours. It is beautifully seen outdoors under the blue sky. Its beauty will surprisingly make you go speechless! For that reason, it attracts many tourist crowds every year. This stunning view is accompanied with entertainment such as delightful stage or street performances and concerts to make your day even more special. As well as souvenirs stores and food stalls to add to this good time. 

【Official website】Click here  
【Best time】Late April (last week) – Early May
【Access】About 15 min walk from JR Tonami Station (JR Johana line). 



3. Autumn in Toyama prefecture

<Gokayama Gasshozukuri Village>

Autumn at Gokayama Gasshozukuri Village
Photo via Is Japan Cool?

Gokayama Gasshozukuri Village is known to be unique for its gassho-style Japanese traditional houses with a thatched roof. There are around 20 gassho-style houses left today. As you explore the remote village, it will almost feel like you went back in time or feel like a countryside experience. Moreover, this world heritage site at Ainokura is especially popular for its lovely autumn scenery. The stunning autumn leaf colours, on the m0untains act as a beautiful backdrop for the village behind the gassho-zukuri farmhouses. Imagine the view! 

Some of these houses have people who live inside. Whereas, some have turned into museums, restaurants and minshuku (Japanese bed and breakfast). In fact, you can even stay the night in an inn, in one of these farmhouses!  There is a well-known inn called “Shoshichi” for tourists to stay at. Here, dinner is eaten in a Japanese-style room with a sunken hearth. Truly a wonderful experience you will remember for a long time!

【Official website】Click here
【Best time】Autumn (September-November)
【Access】Take a 45 minutes bus from Shirakawago to Ainokura (“Ainokura-guchi” bus stop).    


4. Winter in Toyama prefecture

<Shogawakyo Valley>

Shogawakyo River Gorge
Photo via New Golden Route

Shogawakyo River Gorge is a gorgeous valley where clear water flows, with white snowy mountains on two sides that make it adorning in the winter. Shogawakyo Valley in winter is at its most breathtaking state which makes it a great time to sightsee. Hence, you can get closer to the icicles and frosty snow-covered green forests and mountains. Take in this divine view by engaging in a 1 hour (return) calming nature ferry boat ride through it all. It goes from Komaki Dam to Omaki Onsen. As well as passing beautiful red bridges. It will surely be a relaxing and healing experience for both mind and body. 

In addition, if you have time to spare, hop off and enjoy a short stay at Omaki Onsen. A perfect getaway spot! The Omaki Onsen is a hidden three-level hot spring on the side of the river, which is only accessible by boat. Being that, it is an isolated spa hotel. They offer indoor and outdoor baths with the snowy mountain and forest scenery. Overall, definitely a worthwhile and cool experience! 

【Official website】Click here 
【Best time】Winter: December to February
【Access】Take a 80 min bus from Shin-Takaoka Station.


Toyama prefecture remains beautiful regardless of the changes in season. The same place and atmosphere will look and feel completely different depending on which season you go. So, what season are you looking forward to the most? For the most part, be sure to immerse yourself in its nature as you wouldn’t want to miss a second of its ever-changing beauty. 



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Toyama is very rich in nature, surrounded by tall mountains on three sides and facing the Sea of Japan. It is a popular destination for hikers, who head to the world famous Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route to explore some of Toyama’s highest mountains.