The 10 Most Beautiful Flower Festivals in Japan

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Japan is synonymous with beautiful scenery and is most famous for its cherry blossom season in spring. However, flowers bloom all year round in Japan, so no matter what time of year you are travelling there, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a flower festival that offers exquisite views, delicious food and the taste of Japanese nature. Here are the 10 most beautiful flower festivals in Japan.

1. Konosu Poppy Festival, Saitama

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The Konosu Poppy Festival located in Saitama is about one hour from downtown Tokyo and is located along the Nakasendo route (a historical path that connected Tokyo and Kyoto). Here, you’ll not only see fields of beautiful poppies but also roses and cosmos (a pink daisy like flower). In full bloom, the vast, dense fields of poppies create a beautiful sea of red and orange that sways gently with the breeze. Food vendor trucks line the entrance and there is a free shuttle bus from Konosu Station on weekends during late May to early June.

【When】late May – early Jun
【Access】From Konosu Station there is a free shuttle bus that takes you to the festival.

2. Akeno Sunflower Festival, Yamanashi

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600,000 bright yellow sunflowers await you when you enter the Akeno Sunflower Festival. The vibrant yellow contrasts beautifully to the blue sky and white clouds when you visit on a sunny day. Furthermore, the Japanese Alps provide a stunning backdrop to the already striking sunflower fields. There are some paths within the sunflower fields allowing you to walk amongst the flowers and take pictures with them. There are also stalls selling various kinds of food such as corn, meat skewers and their speciality sunflower ice cream, which is perfect for a summer’s day.

【When】late Jul – late Aug
【Access】From Nirasaki Station take the Kayagatake/Mizugaki Denen Bus for 25 minutes and get off at Tsumitorien.

3. The Great Wisteria Festival, Tochigi

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Beautiful cascading flowers known as Wisteria can be viewed at the Great Wisteria Festival at Ashikaga Flower Park. The Great Wisteria that the festival is named after is a 150-year-old wisteria tree that spreads over a 1000 square metre space. Various colours of wisteria can be viewed in the park, blooming in pink, purple, yellow and white from mid-April. The yellow and white wisteria form two 80-metre-long tunnels, creating a magical and atmospheric walk. At night, the garden is illuminated in a spectacular display of lights and flowers, earning it a spot as one of the best night views in Japan.

【Official website】 
【When】mid Apr
【Cost】¥900- ¥1,800 (depends on bloom)
【Access】From Tomita Station on the JR line walk for 13 minutes.

4. Heavenly Tulip Festival, Shizuoka

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The Heavenly Tulip Festival, as the name suggests, is dreamlike and out of this world. Around 200,000 tulips of different colours create a beautiful landscape with the majestic Mount Fuji in the background. There is even a Dutch windmill amongst the tulip fields so there is no shortage of amazing photo opportunities. The festival’s unique signature tulip soft serve ice cream, which contains tulip essence, is also available. Other activities at this festival include an amusement park for children and a Ferris Wheel.

【When】mid Apr – mid May
【Access】From Gotemba Station take the Fujikyu bus for around 50 minutes to Grinpa amusement park.

5. Nemophila Harmony, Ibaraki

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Nemophila Harmony, located in Ibaraki, is a popular flower festival where nemophila, also known as baby blue eyes, cover the rolling hills of Hitachi Seaside Park. These flowers create a sea of blue that blends beautifully into the sky on a sunny day. As with many of the other festivals, you can buy signature ice cream from stalls close to the flower fields. Nemophila soft serve ice cream, which is the speciality flavour, is both sweet and fragrant. You can enjoy this delicious treat while looking at these stunning flowers. Additionally, pets are welcome and there is a small amusement park for kids, making the Hitachi Seaside Park fun for the whole family.

【Official website】
【When】late Apr – mid May
【Access】From Katsuta Station East Exit (Bus Stop No.2.) take the bus for 20 minutes to the west entrance of the park.

6. Kinchakuda Spider Lily Festival, Saitama

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One of the first flowers to mark the start of autumn in Japan are spider lilies, which are native to the Saitama area. Every year, the city of Hidaka hosts the Kinchakuda Red Spider Lily Festival. The unique red variant of the typically white spider lily grow in abundance in the city, with over 5,000,000 of the flowers blooming every September, making this easily Japan’s largest collection of the eye-catching flowers. The Kamo River flows through the area, providing an exquisite backdrop and a relaxing ambience as you stroll through the tree-lined flower fields, delighting in the beautiful autumn scenery.

【When】mid Sep – early Oct
【Access】15 minute walk from Koma Station on the Seibu Ikebukuro line.

7. Fuji Shibazakura Festival, Yamanashi

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The Fuji Shibazakura Festival is one of the most popular festivals in which to see shibazakura. Due to its proximity to Mt Fuji and its lakes, it provides some spectacular views, with the vast fields of pink, white and purple flowers covering the ground, surrounding the reflective water of the lakes, with Mt Fuji towering over everything – the perfect backdrop on a clear day. Since the festival is so popular, the food and drink is abundant. Food stalls are set up during peak times to provide refreshments such as Japanese snack foods, cold and warm beverages, and ice cream of various flavours, including the signature Shibazakura flavour. The smell of the food and the sounds of people enjoying themselves helps to create the quintessential uplifting atmosphere of a Japanese festival, which is the perfect way to enjoy these beautiful flowers.

【When】mid Apr -early Jun
【Access】During the festival season Fujikyu Highway buses can be taken from Shinjuku Station to the festival. They run twice a day, take 2.5 hours and require a reservation.

8. Minami Cherry Blossom and Canola Flower Festival, Shizuoka

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This flower festival in Izu is a rare opportunity for visitors to see cherry blossoms and canola flowers together in one area. Kawazu-zakura cherry blossoms can be seen at this festival, which are pinker and bloom earlier than regular cherry blossoms. They also bloom for longer and when contrasted against the beautiful bright yellow canola flowers create a stunning photo. There are also many benches along the cherry blossoms trees where you can sit and take in the view. I recommend bringing your own lunchbox or buying a bento box from Shimoda Station and grabbing a free sakura tea near the resting area close to the cherry blossoms. Furthermore, at night the cherry blossoms are lit up (6 – 9 pm) and their reflections can be seen in the river below.

【When】early Feb – early Mar
【Access】From Izukyu Shimoda Station take the Tokai Bus for 25 minutes and get off at the Kujobashi Bus Stop.

9. Lavender Festival at Farm Tomita, Hokkaido

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The calming scent of lavender can be smelled when entering Farm Tomita, which is one of the most popular lavender farms and where this festival is held.  The vast fields of lavender flowers are the main attraction, with thousands of the flowers blanketing the area, attracting visitors far and wide. There are also other flowers that can be seen, including white baby’s breath and orange Californian poppies and from afar the fields of multi coloured flowers look like a rainbow painted on the lavender fields. If you get peckish after exploring the fields, you can get a bite to eat at the restaurant, which sells meals prepared from local produce such as potatoes and asparagus. There are even shops where you can buy items such as lavender soap and oil – the perfect gifts or souvenirs for your trip to Farm Tomita.

【Official website】
【When】late Jun – mid Aug
【Access】From Furano Station take the special Furano-Biei Norokko-go train (only available in Summer) to Lavender Station and walk 8 minutes to Farm Tomita.

10. Azalea Festival at Shiofune Kannon Temple, Tokyo

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During this festival azalea bushes of bright pink and purple can be seen all over the temple grounds. Additionally, you can take a relaxing stroll along the flower paths and enjoy a spectacular view from the tops of the hills. There is also a restaurant near the temple selling soba, souvenirs and local produce. So for something truly unique during spring, spend some time at Shiofune Kannon Temple where you’ll get lost in the beautiful display of colours and be awed by the striking temple.

【When】mid Apr – mid May
【Access】From Tokyo Station take the Chuo Line Rapid to Tachikawa Station and transfer to the Chuo Ome Line. Finally, take the train to Kabe Station and then walk 35 minutes to reach the temple.

Japan has some of the most beautiful flower festivals and we hope we inspired you to visit them. If you have any other flower festival recommendations, feel free to comment down below. Also tag us with your flower pictures on Instagram @gdayjapan. We would love to see them.