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Hello Kitty and the whole of Sanrio Universe are the corner stone of the Japanese kawaii culture. Whether you are obsessed with Hello Kitty already or have a soft spot for anything cute and pastel coloured, you want to keep on reading.

Hello Kitty is everywhere in Japan – it’s at the supermarket, it’s hanging off of children’s school bags, it’s worn by adult women and men… and now it’s on a bullet train!

JR West recently announced that they are launching a Hello Kitty themed shinkansen (bullet train) in Summer this year! The Kodama style shinkansen will have Hello Kitty’s trademark bow printed on its body, and the whole of the second carriage will be fully decked out in her signature style.

This bullet train will run for a limited time only to promote tourism in Western Japan. On the first carriage, there will be no seats but a store that sells souvenirs from the areas within Western Japan.

b-kitty-a-20180316Image via Japan Times 

This news had us thinking, where else could you meet Hello Kitty at in Japan? So here’s a list of just a handful of these locations!

Sanrio Puroland

sanrio-puroland-24Image via Wowsabi

Many visitors to Japan make include at least one theme park in their itinerary, it usually includes either Universal Studios Japan in Osaka or Disneyland in Chiba. But there’s another theme park in Tokyo, over in Tama city, known as Sanrio Puroland.

Here you’ll find all sorts of amusing rides themed around not only Hello Kitty but of the Sanrio universe! Adults and children flock to this place to meet their favourite characters, including recently popular Gudetama as well. You can eat the ultimate character themed foods at the park such as Hello Kitty ramen and Gudetama curry.

Universal Studios Japan

DSCF0816-universal-studios-japan-osakaImage via Rainbowolic

You can also visit Hello Kitty and a piece of her pretty-in-pink world at Universal Studios Japan as well! There are two attractions at Universal Studios Japan dedicated to Hello Kitty as a part of the Universal Wonderland feature. One is Hello Kitty’s Ribbon Collection and the other is Hello Kitty’s Cupcake Dream ride!

Hello Kitty store

Of course theme parks aren’t the only places you can experience Hello Kitty at, you can shop till you drop at the Hello Kitty flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo and Hello-Kitty-fy your life! You could find any and every Hello Kitty item you can possibly imagine. From plush toys, stationary, snacks to jewellery and fashion items, this is the place to go to get the latest Hello Kitty item!

Cafe de Miki

------------------------------------------------Image via Cafe de Miki

Did you know that Hello Kitty’s background is British? She has her own British themed cafe serving pancakes and scones – you can enjoy a delicious and visually sweet high tea. Cafe de Miki is located in DiverCity Tokyo Plaza over in Odaiba, Tokyo.

Hello Kitty Plane

EVA-HelloKit-Hand-in-Hand-Jet-runway_CourtesyEVAAIRImage via Stuck at the Airport

Taipei’s Eva Air has its own slew of Hello Kitty planes, where you can enjoy a fully Sanrio & Hello Kitty-fied interior and exterior. Their Hello Kitty planes fly between Taipei and various locations in Japan including Okinawa, Fukuoka, Tokyo (Narita) and Osaka.

Cover image via Voyagin