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The Japanese Tradies

Learn   Ayla Yuile Ayla Yuile

The word 'tradies' paints a very Australian picture; high-vis shirt, lace up workman boots, shorts, a small esky style lunch box,… more


The Art of Deco

Learn   Ayla Yuile Ayla Yuile

Looking at the title of this piece you might be thinking, isn’t it ‘art deco’ or even ‘is it a typo for the art of decor?’ In fac… more


Japanese Writing

Learn   Alison Muir Alison Muir

Although a national survey hasn’t been carried out since 1948, the literacy rate in Japan is often claimed to be 99%. Realistical… more


Toilets in Japan

Learn   Alison Muir Alison Muir

Few things in Japan leave a bigger impression on the first-time visitor than Japanese toilets. In Australia, toilets tend not to … more