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Anti-Aging and Bihaku

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In today’s day and age, having perfect skin continues to be a defining feature of beauty. In Japan, a defining feature of perfect… more


The Japanese Tradies

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The word 'tradies' paints a very Australian picture; high-vis shirt, lace up workman boots, shorts, a small esky style lunch box,… more


The Art of Deco

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Looking at the title of this piece you might be thinking, isn’t it ‘art deco’ or even ‘is it a typo for the art of decor?’ In fac… more

2010 成人の日(Seijin No Hi) Coming of Age Day: Post-Ceremony - 03

Coming of Age in Japan

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Every second Monday of the year is Coming of Age Day in Japan. This day celebrates young adults, who have just become of legal ag… more


Robot Restaurant

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Just a hop and a skip away from Shinjuku station, in the glitzy town of Kabuki-chō - one of Tokyo’s most famous entertainment dis… more


The ‘Visual Types’

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By now it is well-known around the world that Japan is the home to some interesting, sometimes borderline peculiar subcultures. T… more