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Hello Kitty Palooza in Japan!

Osaka Manga and Anime Avatar photo Ayla Yuile

Hello Kitty and the whole of Sanrio Universe are the corner stone of the Japanese kawaii culture. Whether you are obsessed with Hello Kitty already or have a soft spot for anything cute and pastel coloured, you want to keep on reading. Hello Kitty is everywhere in Japan - it's at the supermarket… Read More

A day of kawaii in Kyoto

Kyoto Manga and Anime Avatar photo GJ Editor

Sarah was inspired by the fact that Kyoto is a city where one can come in contact with and experience Japanese culture on a daily basis. Kyoto is introduced as a historical and traditional setting in most researching it. However, Sarah found that Kyoto is also quite an innovative, modern destina… Read More


Manga and Anime Avatar photo Alison Muir

If you’ve been into a game arcade anytime in the past fifteen years or so, you’ve probably heard of Dance Dance Revolution. A dance based arcade game with a euro beat and a focus on fancy footwork, DDR is a great way to work up a sweat and get some cardio in. There are even miniature versions of th… Read More