A day of kawaii in Kyoto

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Sarah was inspired by the fact that Kyoto is a city where one can come in contact with and experience Japanese culture on a daily basis. Kyoto is introduced as a historical and traditional setting in most researching it.

However, Sarah found that Kyoto is also quite an innovative, modern destination. The kawaii culture in Kyoto has a unique blend of traditional and modern culture. ‘Japanese designs/patterns are used to create kawaii clothing, accessories and various products.’

To get the full kawaii experience in Kyoto, Sarah suggests including the International Manga Museum, a visit to purikura (photo booths), and the Saryou Suisen Cafe to check out the 3D Matcha Latte Art. For Pokemon fans, Kyoto also just opened up its first Pokemon Center, too.



Sarah Willcoxson

Sarah’s interest in Japan was sparked by many different aspects of Japanese culture, including J-pop. She has even lived in Japan as an exchange student, and continues to explore the country today.



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As a former capital city of Japan, Kyoto has always been one of Japan’s most important cultural capitals. Kyoto is filled with extravagant temples and shrines, such as the golden Kinkaku-ji Temples and offers traditional entertainment to its visitors.