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Who are we?

G’Day Japan! is an English guidebook that provides Japanese cultural information for both Japan fans and non-Japanese people in Australia. It covers all things Japanese including travel, lifestyle, food, new products and more!


The must do, see and try when in Japan!

The must do, see and try when in Japan!
This is a brand new feature focusing on the traditional culture, the scenic land, and the unique taste and sense of beauty that Japanese people have to showcase how ‘cool’ Japan is.


Basic Information

A quick and useful guide on what you need to know before arriving in Japan. From information on the climate, currency to transport (JR Pass etc) and more!


Discover Japan’s winter wonderland

Check out popular ski resorts in Hokkaido, Nagano/Shinshu and Tohoku with an easy to read ski spot guide complete with snow depth, vertical drop and lift informtaion. Also features different ski resorts in each areas as well as other fun activities and gourmet info.


Discover Japan’s winter wonderland

Japan has a whole lot more to offer than just ski resorts! From tropical Okinawa to the Kansai area, we take a closer look at fantastic travel destinations around Japan.


All about Japan

Introducing the pride of Japan on the plate, with a special focus on the iconic foods and drinks that form an integral part of traditional festivals,  ceremonies and events. We’ll also take a look at the artful way fresh ingredients are used to express the change of seasons and the beauty in nature through food.

Do you love Japan? Want to work in a Japanese-English bilingual environment? We have the perfect job for you!

G’Day Japan! / JAMS.TV is currently seeking a project coordinator to work on outbound tourism marketing specifically from Australia to Japan.

Click here for further information and application for the position.