Kyoto, a hub of culture, history, and the capital for more than 1,000 years, is what many imagine when picturing Japan.

Even today, the streets of Kyoto abound with cultural treasures, ancient traditions, and time-honoured craftsmanship passed down the generations.

Within this cultural bastion lies Miyama, a settlement of traditional thatched-roof farming houses dotting the mountains around 50 kilometres north of Kyoto City.

Many of these homes still serve residents, allowing visitors an authentic “Deep Kyoto” experience alongside friendly locals in age-old, off-road Japan.

Deep Kyoto “Miyama”

A Certified UNWTO Best Tourism Village

Miyama is recognised by the UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) as a “Best Tourism Village,” for its preservation of historic buildings, quasi-national park, and tourism projects aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.


Miyama can be reached by car from Kyoto City in around 80 minutes, and from Osaka in two hours. Once you arrive in Miyama, we recommend using a rental bicycle.
Public transport route here

The Charms of Miyama

Experience Life in Rural Japan

The Miyama Thatched Village is a collection of 39 Japanese “kayabuki” thatched-roof folk homes designated as a “Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings.” Today, around 100 residents live in the village, practicingan ancient way of life. The thatching techniques of kayabuki craftspeople are a registered UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, and if you’re lucky, your visit may coincide with a roof rethatching!

There are over 30 accommodations in Miyama where you can enjoy interacting with the locals.

Unspoilt Landscapes Flaunting the Seasons of Japan

Miyama is surrounded by idyllic wilderness, highlighting the evolving beauty of each season. Spring is graced by blooming flowers, summer enjoys lush greenery, autumn is coloured by vivid foliage, and winter is adorned by gorgeous snow! No matter the time of year, you’ll witness bucolic scenes of rural Japan with locals, while being treated to a smorgasbord of regional dishes made from seasonal ingredients.

Mingle With the Friendly Miyama Locals

Miyama heartily welcomes travellers, and there are plenty of opportunities to mingle with locals during your stay. Visitors can spend the night at local homes, trying their hand at farming and cooking for an intimate encounter with the Miyama way of life. Being in deep, off-road Japan, you’ll soon forget you’re a tourist, leaving you with priceless memories totally different from regular tours.

Memorable Accommodation Experience

In Miyama, you can indulge in a truly unique lodging experience that cannot be found elsewhere. Among the various styles of accommodations available, the eight thatched roof houses stand out as particularly popular. These accommodations allow you to immerse yourself in Japanese culture that has been passed down for generations as you spend a night in traditional Japanese architecture. Some accommodations even offer the opportunity to gather around an irori (traditional Japanese hearth) for a delightful meal or rent an entire house for your exclusive use. Without a doubt, this experience will become the highlight of your trip.

2 day Miyama itinerary

Miyama is ideal for both day-trips and overnight stays. You’ll feel yourself melt into the storybook landscape of Kyoto, unchanged since old times!

Day 1

  • 10:08 AM: Train from Kyoto station

    Take a train from Kyoto Station to JR Hiyoshi Station, with two transfers.

  • 11:10 AM: Bus From Hiyoshi Station

    Take a bus from JR Hiyoshi Station heading for Miyama.
    *Use Nantan City bus.

  • 11:46 AM: Arrive at Miyama Roadside Station to rent a bicycle

    Rent a bicycle at Miyama Roadside Station to Miyama Thatched Village! With few hills, it’s a pleasant ride suitable for beginners, and the picturesque riverside scenery will blow you away!

  • 12:30 AM: Arrive at Miyama Thatched Village, Lunch

    There are cafes and restaurants in the village. You’ll feast while admiring the stunning Thatched houses!

  • 1:30 PM: Thatched Village Guided Walk

    Join an English-language Thatched Village guided tour designed for visitors to Japan.

  • 4:00 PM: Return the rental bicycle.

    Return the rental bicycle to Miyama Roadside Station. While you're there, you can enjoy shopping and try sweets made with local products!

  • 5:00 PM: Check-in

    After checking into your accommodation, unwind in the authentic Japanese-style room and wood bathtub, sure to leave a lasting impression!

  • 7:00 PM: Dinner

    There are loads of dishes to choose for dinner - including a BBQ of top-quality local ingredients, sukiyaki with regional chicken, and the unique “botan nabe” hotpot.

Day 2

  • 10:00 AM: Breakfast and Check-Out

    Wake up early for an invigorating morning stroll and bath, then start the day with a delicious Japanese-style breakfast before checking out.

  • 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Half-Day Rural Life Experience Tour

    Visit the home of a Miyama resident for a taste of rural life. The tour includes experiences like traditional farming, cooking, and dining by an “irori” sunken fireplace.

  • 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Bus From Miyama

    Take a bus from Miyama back to JR Hiyoshi Station.
    *Use Nantan City bus.

Ways to Enjoy Miyama

More about Miyama

There are many other attractions in Miyama that can make your stay in Japan special!
To find accommodations, activities, transportation, and more that suit your preferences, please visit or contact the Miyama Official Website.