Are you looking for fast, effective and clean grooming routine? Finding the appropriate approach to getting rid of those pesky little hairs from noses and ears seems like an endless journey.

The Challenge of Ear and Nose Hair Grooming Products

With numerous approaches and tools available, these are the main reasons why many people have given up achieving the look they want.

Relatively Difficult to Use

Trimming ear and nose hair is not only difficult, but it can also be dangerous as there is always the potential to harm yourself. There are quite a number of ear and nose hair removal methods and tools but practicing or inserting into somewhere you can’t clearly see is a nervous and time-consuming process.

Removal Methods

Waxing, plucking or trimming are the orthodox. However, waxing and plucking can lead to infections or ingrown hair and often accompanied by pain. Also, it takes more effort to get the job done as it is hard to see the inside of the ears and nose. The electric trimmers are quick and easy but require extra attention for maintenance.

Hygienic Reasons

This is often an issue with all of the equipment associated with skin. Because most involve direct skin-contact, they especially need to be stored hygienically. With more electric trimmers becoming the mainstream, extra attention is required for the device itself including regular battery replacement.

Nikken’s Ear Hair Tweezer and Nose Hair Cutter for Your Best Look

For those who got lost in the world of grooming, you’ve come to the right place. Nikken Razor Co., Ltd. has proudly launched two of their easy-to-use signature products, ‘Ear Hair Tweezer’ and ‘Nose Hair Cutter’. We are all aware that Japanese products are well-renowned for their high-quality so feel rest assured that these products will meet your expectations!

Get these tools and look your best with the help from these Ear Hair Tweezers and Nose Hair Cutters.

Ear Hair Tweezer

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Nose Hair Cutter

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Ear Hair Tweezer

An Innovative Tweezer

While typical tweezers require an accurate removal process due to the small tip surface. The alternative combination of tweezer and spring applied to Nikken’s Ear Hair Tweezer, captures hair with the multiple surfaces of the spring, completing the activity with the minimum effort.Hence, there is no need for any magnifying mirrors or having someone to assist during the removal. In addition, the curves are designed to the form- One to the grip so that the adequate tension would be applied during pinch and release. The other curve is adapted toward the tip so that each lever is parallel to maintain the tension when tweezing.

Safety Oriented Design with Minimum(or No) Pain

Being the razor blade manufacturer, Nikken had once attempted to utilize the blade for this product. However, they thought that users would never be able to discard the anxiety of putting blades into somewhere they can’t virtually inspect. Hence, they have decided to explore beyond blades for more safer but efficient products. After the long development process, they have finally developed their tweezer style. The removal process incorporates very minimal pain (or even none) or no discomfort- a perfect tool for a grooming routine which should be conducted frequently.

Hygienic Materials Applied / Perfect Everyday Carry Item

Each is carefully made by expert craftsmen and requires very little maintenance- rinse with water, soap or boiling water and dry for the next use. It is a long-lasting item due to the rust-resistant stainless material as long as the aftercare procedure is appropriately adhered.

Because battery operated trimmers generate sound, the time and location when used need to be taken into consideration. However, Ear Hair Tweezer can be used regardless of the time and location. This also makes it a perfect item for those with frequent business travel opportunities.

User Reviews

Ear Hair Tweezer is available on Amazon.

Ear Hair Tweezer

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Nose Hair Cutter

User-Friendly Design

Just by turning the tip of the blade into the nose, the hair can be easily removed with Nikken’s Nose Hair Cutter. Consideration is subtly showcased in its appearance as the grip’s cross section is the shape of cruciform. This is designed to accommodate the fingertips for firm hold and control the removal so that easy trim is performed precisely.

No Direct Contact with the Skin

There is no direct contact with the nasal cavity because the blade is firmly covered with a comb-shaped guard, preventing the blade from hurting the delicate skin. It is also very hygienic due to the disposable single use. As it is not battery operated, hence no maintenance is required and the compact appearance makes it easy to carry around, helping to remove uninvited hair anytime and anywhere.

Authentic Blade Provided by the Razor Blade Company

Even though the blade is fully covered, it still offers a precise, safe and convenient means for the removal of unwanted hair. The secret lies in its blade as previously noted, Nikken has been the expert in razor blade manufacturing. This enables their products to perform quickly, safely and gives the best trim.

User Reviews

Nose Hair Cutter is available on Amazon.

Nose Hair Cutter

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About Nikken Razor Co., Ltd.

Located in Seki City, Gifu- the Japanese cutlery capital, Nikken has been performing an effective user-friendly razor blade production, which is their flagship, for over 70 years. Continuing to strive under the business objective of ‘beauty’ and ‘Sanpo-Yoshi’ (the mutual benefit among the seller, buyer and the society), their strong drive for users’ satisfaction encouraged them to tap into new markets outside of their professions, consistently developing new and innovative products.

The Ear Hair Tweezer was produced after the long hard effort and attempts, which became the very first product manufactured beyond razors. This was supported by the project with crowdfunding platform- Makuake. Among the 1,500 projects, the Nikken’s Ear Hair Tweezer and its project won the ‘Made in Japan 2018’- an award presented to those creating designs that would fit into the present or successfully applying changes to traditional designs for a better suit to modern needs. The item was especially evaluated for gathering a substantial number of supporters given that its core customer target is males over 40 with specific concern about ear hair. The products’ handiness and safety have been widely accepted as more demand rises overseas, such as Korea and Hong Kong.