Fukushima Prefecture is located at the bottom of the northern Tohoku region, and it is the third largest prefecture in Japan. Running long from east to west, Fukushima is split north to south by the Abukuma Highlands and Ou Mountain Range, separating it into the three main regions of Aizu, Nakadori, and Hamadori. Each of these regions has its own unique climate, nature, history, traditions, and culture, attracting visitors of all kinds.

Find a Japan you’ve never seen before. Encounter sensations like nothing else. There’s always something new to discover when traveling. Within the deep wilderness of Fukushima Prefecture is EXTREME FUKUSHIMA, a series of extraordinary activities igniting travellers’ curiosities through adventures into the unknown.


EXTREME FUKUSHIMA is for travellers seeking off-the-beaten-path journeys and fresh discoveries far from the typical Japan itinerary. This includes secluded hot springs, one of Japan’s greatest natural wonders; alongside hikes in deep nature, local cycling routes, and winter sports on top-tier powder snow.

With EXTREME FUKUSHIMA, bold travellers can satiate their desire for adventure through treks to a hidden hot spring gushing out the most water from a single source in Japan, traverse surreal Martian-like valleys, play with gravity while surrounded by roaring sounds, race over a frozen lake on a motorbike, and more. With so much to do, you’ll feel like a pioneer on an undiscovered planet!

So, for your next Japan trip, venture into Fukushima’s nature or join an adventurous activity to fill your itinerary with unfamiliar scenery and new sensations that exist only in the moment!

EXTREME FUKUSHIMA offers a range of fantastic activities based on the 3 categories of ADVENTURE into the unknown, X SPORTS for riveting thrills and speed, and AMAZING VIEW, which promises one-of-a-kind scenery.

These “extreme” activities will enhance your trip to Japan with a hefty helping of adventure. Most activities come with a professional guide and accommodate small groups only for a more personal experience.

Reservations can be made by email, so feel free to send enquires in English.

ADVENTURE: Dive Into the Extraordinary

X SPORTS: Stimulate Your Senses With Speed and Thrills

AMAZING VIEW: Encounter Exciting New Scenery


EXTREME ONSEN – Find a Natural Hot Spring on Mt. Adatara

Tucked away on the approximately 1,300-metre-tall Mt. Adatara is the hot spring source for Numajiri Onsen, which boasts the most single-source hot spring water volume in all of Japan. On this tour, you’ll trek up Mt. Adatara with a guide to find this secluded open-air hot spring and soak in its waters in an enormous valley bath shaped by nature. Other highlights along the way include the Shiraito Falls and the spectacular mountain ridgeline. Snacks are also provided.


EXTREME RIDE – A Sawtooth Road of Sharp Ups and Downs

This cycling course is for experienced cyclists seeking a challenging but satisfying ride. It has a 90 km distance and 1,200 m elevation gain, and is lined by both mountains and ocean. The mountainside is characterised by rolling contours, while the expansive seaside keeps you refreshed. You’ll also see traces of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami along the way.



Lake Inawashiro Wakeboarding – Exhilarating Water Sports by Magnificent Mountains

Backed by the grand Mt. Bandai, both beginners and pros alike can enjoy wakeboarding on Lake Inawashiro, letting snowboarders get their kicks when visiting Japan in the summer. The waters of Lake Inawashiro are some of the clearest in Japan, and its nickname Tenkyoko means “the lake that mirrors the heavens” for its breathtaking reflection of Mt. Bandai’s seasonal colours. The scene is also complemented by intricate capes, white sand beaches, and pines groves, promising plenty to look at while wakeboarding.


Snowmobiling at Tsuchiyu/Washikura – Dash Through the Snow on a Powerful Motor!

Let loose with a guided snowmobiling tour on the wide-open snowfield at Washikura Onsen, a quiet, secluded highland hot spring resort facing Mt. Kimen (1,230 m). Then, after roaring through the hot spring’s deep snow, heal your fatigue in its nourishing waters. This incredible activity will grant you authentic experiences in one of Japan’s best snowy mountains and secluded hot springs.



Fukushima Active Volcanoes Tour –Stay and Discover in Japan’s Otherworldly Volcanic Terrian

This guided trekking tour follows a long trail centred around the three active volcanoes in the Fukushima part of the Bandai-Asahi National Park, along with surrounding hot springs, lakes, and marshes. The over 200-kilometre-long route connects the landmarks of Mt. Bandai (1,816 m), the Azuma Mountain Range (2,035 m), and the Adatara Mountain Range (1,700 m), which each have their own unique qualities and are all counted among the 100 Famous Japanese Mountains. The Nature Centre also has hot springs, local sake, and a myriad of other nature experiences.


Starlight Snowshoeing – Immerse Yourself in a World of Snow and Stars

Gaze upon first-magnitude stars and other constellations that adorn the skies of northern Japan on this nighttime hiking tour. As you make your way towards the snow-covered Mt. Bandai at night with a headlight, you’ll be presented with a full display of stars visible with the naked eye. The expert guide will show you how to use snowshoes, and will point out Japan’s winter constellations while you venture into the wilderness.


Fukushima is a hub of exciting, adventurous activities. You can see more of these activities and their booking details on the official EXTREME FUKUSHIMA website.

Extreme Fukushima

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