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Ryokan Sensyoen is a modernised ryokan (Japanese style inn) that has been operating since the late 1930’s in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. There are two buildings that make up this lovely accommodation; the main building and the annex, which is a four-storey building.

The whole property is designed and decorated in a way that perfectly combines modern comforts with traditional Japanese goodness. The spacious guest rooms are also designed in a similar way; complete with tatami mats, floor cushions and futons (beds available upon request and for an extra fee). From the rooms on the fourth floor of the annex building, you get to take in the lovely view of Asahikawa city day in and day out.

Ryokan Sensyoen is located 10 minutes from Asahikawa station by car and they offer courtesy pick up to and from the station. Asahikawa is the second largest city in Hokkaido. There’s much to do here that will keep you warm – including trying out the famous local specialty, Asahikawa Ramen. There’s plenty of eating, drinking shopping that you can do in the neon lit streets of the city, especially in the Sanroku-gai district.

The inn not only has easy access into the city area of Asahikawa, but it’s also located in a convenient distance from plenty of other attractions. It’s about 30 minutes away from the Asahiyama Zoo by car which makes for a fun activity especially for families.

For those coming to Asahikawa to enjoy the ski resorts that central Hokkaido has to offer, there are 10 within 3 hours drive of the inn to choose from. These include a small scale ski field 10 minutes away, Kamui Ski Links which is 25 minutes and Asadake, which is an hour drive from the inn.

Back at the inn, there are several features that would please any kind of guest, including a bathhouse that you can sit, relax and warm up in after being in the chilly Hokkaido climate. The room rate not only includes access to the bathhouse but it comes with both breakfast and dinner. The meals at Ryokan Sensyoen are almost completely made of local and domestic seasonal produce. Everything comes fresh – including the seafood from Asahikawa and Sapporo markets.

There is also a soba (buckwheat) noodle within the hotel facilities called Sobasen. Again, you can expect fresh ingredients in your noodles, and if you’re in the mood for a nice tall glass of beer, try the Sensyoen Buckwheat Beer. This beer which is exclusively available at Ryokan Sensyoen and is only available from late September, usually selling out by the end of the year.

Throughout the inn you’ll find art created by artists associated with Asahikawa and Ryokan Sensyoen. The flower within the inn are changed twice a week, arranged by a staff member that has been with the inn for 30 years!

Every detail from the produces of the food they provide, to the interior and exterior design, all the way to the service at Ryokan Sensyoen is all inspired by the city and Hokkaido itself. There even have English speaking staff at the inn that will assist you with any needs you may have during your stay.

You can book into this gorgeous little inn and experience the authentic Asahikawan hospitality online through websites like Expedia and Agoda.

Ryokan Sensyoen
3-8-3 Takasagadai, Asahikawa City, Hokkaido
Phone: +81-166-61-5154
Email: oyado@sensyoen.co.jp



| Temperature: 18

The northernmost island of Japan, known for its abundance in nature and fresh produces. Hokkaido is also the original mecca for snow sports in Japan because of its heavy snow fall during winter season and the range of undeveloped natural terrains.