Gotemba: more than just a view of Mount Fuji

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Mount Fuji, for obvious reasons, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Japan. The allure of this sacred mountain was no different for Meg and her friend Liv, who stayed in Gotemba to be close to it. On the way, Meg and Liv quickly realised that this had unexpectedly taken them on an adventure into rural Japan.

Besides seeing the ‘incredible, unforgettable view’ of Mount Fuji, Meg and Liv ventured forth into the shopping area of Gotemba, and further out into the countryside for a night at a family spa resort, Tokinosumika. Meg describes the hidden resort as ‘a well-kept secret enjoyed by a loyal clientele.’

The resort had light installations, hot springs, a buffet restaurant and unlimited on-tap beer, which truly captured Meg’s heart. ‘This town offers tourists an alternative side of Japan to its hyper-stimulating cities, where they can immerse themselves in a more local setting.’


Meg Ryan

There wasn’t one particular thing that inspired Meg to visit Japan; she always just had a weird fascination with Japanese culture. So when she had saved enough, she knew Japan had to be the first place to