Time travel to the age of the Samurai on the Samurai Train.

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Hop on the Samurai Train to Nikko and travel back to the age of the Samurai.
The Samurai Train Project has launched an exciting tour that will have pariticpants immersing themselves in the world of the Samurais.

The tour begins on the Samurai Train that is chartered exclusively for the tour. Aboard the train you’ll get to see a performance by the world famous samurai artist group, Kengishu Kamui.
Once arrived, you’ll be touring all sorts of heritage sights and participating in fun activities to learn the ways of the Samurai.

This is a fantastic way to really connect and understand how Japanese culture was back then and how it as evolved since.

The fee for this two day tour includes tickets for the Samurai Train as well as lunch and accommodation!
There are three tours available in 2018, held over two days from Nov 30, Dec 6 and Dec 13.

There are discounts available when you book over 30 days prior to the tour date so if you’re interested, be sure to check out their website and book now!