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The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many at home in need of new activity and of course, new games. What better way than to enjoy fantasy and adventure with everyone’s favourite console, the Nintendo Switch. We have nitpicked essential Nintendo Switch games anyone can enjoy, check them out!


1. Super Mario Odyssey

Many are saddened by not being able to travel to Japan for the opening of Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan. A cure for the fans would be a 3D adventure, Super Mario Odyssey from the comfort of your home. A classic but nostalgic story about Mario chasing down Bowser trying to force a marriage with princess Peach. Release in 2017 yet still one of the popular games people play to experience their beloved childhood game of all time.


2. Animal Crossing: New Horizon

Animal Crossing is now Nintendo Switch’s biggest craze. Quickly rising to the top of the video game chart since late March this year. The game ironically allows you to build your own house, catch up with your animal buddies, and spend a lot of time outside which you are probably not able to do in the real world at the moment. It’s a must game for everyone to connect and enjoy the company of others.


3. Untitled Goose game

In the Untitled Goose game, you will play as a goose but you are not just an ordinary goose, you are but a very naughty goose which causes a lot of trouble trying to ruin everyone’s day. It’s fun, humorous, and surprisingly challenging too. The player will need maneuvering skills to escape pursuit and hide as it carefully lays out its plan.


4. Splatoon2

For those people who like being more competitive Splatoon 2 is for you! It has been everyone’s favourite shooting game on the Nintendo Switch. It features a 4-on-4 turf battle in which you will be armed with unique paint weapons of your choice to spread your team colour all over the arena. The winning team will be the one who manages to paint a larger portion of their team colour. If you want to be more competitive it is available to play online.


5. The legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

One of the very first games to be released from the Nintendo Switch is still a must-play classic for you to enjoy. It is the game set in an open world that will keep you immersed both in action and adventure! With long hours of gameplay it doesn’t stop there, a new addition to the series will be coming up sometime soon this year.


6. Ring Fit Adventure

The current pandemic has caused many to be locked inside with fear of losing their fitness.  Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure is the answer. Ring Fit Adventure provides a variety of exercises using the game’s ring-con and leg strap. This is not only just for exercising, but Ring Fit Adventure will also take you to a fantasy adventure world to explore. 

Get yourself into the world of gaming and enjoy staying at home!



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