Explore the beautiful secrets of Kyushu to see a different side of Japan.


You can’t talk about Japan’s natural beauty without mentioning Kyushu, the country’s southwestern mysterious and subtropical island. Home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural sites of the country and sculptured with mountainous terrain, volcanos, therapeutic hot springs with untouched rural landscapes and richest cultures. Kyushu is a haven for those wanting to experience the best of Japan.

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We spent 5 days exploring Kyushu with the inspiring travel youtuber 'internationally ME'. Please watch her video to discover what Kyushu has to offer.


Thanks to the extensive transportation network, there are more than a handful of budget-friendly ways to get around these five regions, including highways for driving and a plethora of airports for flying.

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Getting to Kyushu from Australia

Australia Tokyo(Haneda/Narita)/Osaka Fukuoka
Australia South Korea Fukuoka
Australia Singapore Fukuoka


From nature-rich rural towns where you can have a taste of a traditional Japanese lifestyle to the fast-paced metropolitan cities bustling with people and technology, explore each region to discover the hidden charms of Kyushu.

Day 1


Located in Oita Prefecture on the eastern coast of Kyushu, Beppu City is truly Japan’s onsen (hot spring) heaven, boasting a wide range of baths and eight different onsen sites. While offering a uniquely relaxing and rejuvenating experience, it has more than just onsens with a diverse art attractions scene and enjoy the vibrant artworks to the fullest. Hiking is also an option for nature lovers. The hiking route is located only a 30-minute drive away from the city centre, taking you through the lush nature and abundant wildlife of Aso-Kuju National Park. The onsen after the hiking is the perfect choice to enhance your experience in Beppu further.

Day 2


Fukuoka City is the most populous city on the island and is often regarded as the capital of Kyushu. Fukuoka is packed with attractions, including the lively city centre to exhilarating outdoor experiences. It is also home to some classic cultural experiences that help shape the region’s unique traditional landscape. The city centre is only a 5-minute ride away from Fukuoka Airport- a Kyushu tourism hub for domestic and international travellers. It is the host city for the “19th FINA World Championships 2022 Fukuoka” and "19th FINA World Masters Championships 2022 Kyushu", which have been postponed to 2023. The “19th FINA World Championships 2022 Fukuoka” is scheduled to take place in July 2023 and "19th FINA World Masters Championships 2022 Kyushu" will be hosted in August 2023, which will add even more excitement to this vibrant city.

Day 3


Kumamoto City is the second-largest city in Kyushu, where tradition and present-day coexist in harmony. With the long-awaited reopening of the iconic Kumamoto Castle main tower in 2021, the city offers a profound insight into its unique history and culture, inviting you to slip back in time into the Samurai period. It is also a perfect stop to discover the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics. Kumamoto City makes every effort to accommodate travellers’ dietary requirements, offering a complied list of eateries with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal options.

Day 4


Arita Town has a quiet feel to it, with a population of less than 20,000 and is well known as the birthplace of 400-year-old Japanese Porcelain (Arita-Yaki), and represents one of the world-famous Japanese crafts. It is no surprise that the town’s attractions are centred around Arita-Yaki, including themed parks, kilns, museums, local shrines, and archaeological sites with numerous workshops and studios offering Arita’s renowned pottery making techniques. The farm stay is an excellent way to experience the most charming authentic Japanese lifestyle for those seeking a more peaceful rural retreat. Soak up the beautiful atmosphere of this unique and picturesque countryside town.

Day 5


This beautiful international port city has played a significant role in connecting Japan to the rest of the world. The must-sees of Nagasaki is a visit to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an open-air museum of historic western-style houses, which allows for a stunning view of Nagasaki Harbour. Along with Monaco and Shanghai, Nagasaki is regarded as the “New Three Cities with the Most Spectacular Night Views in the World”. The observation deck tower on top of Mt. Inasa offers an outdoor 360-degree panoramic sight of the most beautiful and colourful night lights you have ever laid eyes on. This ‘10-Million-Dollar Night View’ is a perfect way to end your adventure with magical scenery that will leave you speechless.

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