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Deep in the throbbing maze of Tokyo’s Kabuki-cho entertainment area, Robot Restaurant’s futuristic gladiators rumble and tumble like sumo wrestlers in a stable.

They pack a powerful punch of neon-charged dancing, drumming and general mayhem, currently being delivered at three shows daily – and four on weekends and public holidays.

Having attracted visitors from more than 60 countries, Robot Restaurant’s uniquely jaw-dropping brand of Japanese quirkiness has turned it into a Tokyo essential.

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Entrance Fee: ¥8,000 per person→¥6,000 per person
Meal Fee: ¥1,000/¥1,500 per person






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| Temperature: 23

The capital and the most well known city of Japan. Tokyo is one of the world’s most highly populated cities with over 13 million residents and it is the centre of both modern and traditional culture, technology and innovation that comes from Japan.