Exploring the new and old of Japan in Sydney

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With over 30,000 Australian travellers visiting Japan in 2014, Japan has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for many Australians and no longer a curious island country far up in Asia.
Japan is home to a unique culture that comes from a mixture of traditions and futuristic technologies – the very reason why Japan has mesmerised so many Australians.
The curiosity and hunger for Japanese culture grows along with the Japanese cultural scene in Sydney. The expanding Japanese cultural scene of Sydney has many traditional and modern experiences available for us to try – which makes for the perfect invitation to take a Japanese staycation.
No need for passports or luggage, just take your sense of curiosity to explore and experience Japanese culture in our very own city of Sydney.



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Sydney is one of Australia’s largest and most populated cities. It is known for being closely located to a great range of scenery from white sandy beaches of Bondi, to the Blue Mountains as well as the busy multicultural cityscape of Sydney CBD.