The frenetic, fashionable Shibuya

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Nursing a warm latte, the famous Shibuya scramble crossing sprawls beneath me. My eyes wander over brightly coloured billboards, trucks that blare out J-pop tunes, and young pretty things immaculately dressed, sharing the streets with salarymen and the eccentric. I’m in Shibuya, one of Tokyo’s most colourful and busiest districts, boasting a vibrant youth culture, exciting shops, live music venues and night clubs.

It’s easy to see how its lively streets are the birthplace of many of Japan’s latest fashion and entertainment trends; the busy pavements are as much a catwalk as the many department stores they lead to. Take Shibuya 109 for example, where sales staff show off the latest trends from minimalist chic to an eccentric blend of cute and nonsensical.

Ever engaging and enthralling, Shibuya is my favourite destination to watch Tokyo’s frenetic world roll by.


Ashleigh Dollin

Initially drawn to Japan for its snowy peaks, Ashleigh was hooked as soon as she slurped up her first steaming bowl of ramen. She has since returned four times, and lived in Hokkaido for a year.



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