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Feeling bored from being home all the time due to the current pandemic? Yes — I understand we are all feeling frustrated from the travel ban. Until it’s lifted, we can start planning and booking our next trip to JAPAN (especially for those who have travelling as their hobbies… ugh). Well, it’s never too early to make plans for your next trip and what’s more, we can actually use this time wisely for crafting the perfect travel itinerary. Heads up! The following travel YouTubers will help you out here. 


Flying The Nest


Stephen and Jess from Flying The Nest are an Australian couple who travel full-time around the globe. They have travelled to over 60 countries and there are 22 videos under their ‘Japan Travel Vlogs’ playlist you can watch. Pretty sure the tourist sites they mentioned will be added to your travel list after. They also have a very inspiring travel blog not only for Japan but for other travel destinations, so we highly recommend checking them out!


Kim Dao


Kim Dao is an Australian Youtuber who shares makeup, fashion and lifestyle videos. Why do we recommend her? Not only does she post videos on travel guides about Japan, but she also shares a lot of local information since she used to live in Japan for a while. In case if you’re new to Japan, you can start by viewing one of her videos named ‘100 things to do in Tokyo, Japan’. You’ll surely be stoked!


Tokidoki Traveller


Emma is an Aussie girl living in Tokyo. While she lives in Tokyo, busiest city in the world, her channel features more of daily life scenes where you can relate to yourself. When travelling overseas, some people prefer to experience local accommodation styles, restaurants and even public transportation. If you’re one of them, Tokidoki Traveller is a must-see!


Currently Hannah


Another Youtuber living in Japan is Hannah, but this time she’s located in Kansai (South-Western half of Japan), Osaka. What pops into your mind when you think of Osaka? Takoyaki (octopus balls), Osaka dialect (real Nandeyanen you heard from animes) or the world-famous Universal Studio Japan? She has posted various videos about life in Osaka as well as other regions of Japan, which could be included on your travel list to make it fulfilling.

Got too many places you would like to visit for your next trip to JAPAN now? Don’t worry, you’ve got time to sort it out. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the latest trends about JAPAN on our
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