Japanese Wagyu Beef Round Cuts Seminar Returns to Australia

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Japanese  “wagyu” has been growing in popularity in the international food scene, with a number of supermarkets and restaurants now serving premium cuts for rich dining experiences. While wagyu has developed a worldwide reputation for its exquisite quality, little is known about it across general audiences. In 2021, Japan marked 480,000 tons of beef production, which is a relatively small scale compared to other countries. Japan also hit record-high beef exports of 11,000 tons in 2021, however, this accounts for just 0.1% of world exports. These facts show that Japanese Wagyu is incredibly special and rare in the global market. 

Numerous organisations have been striving to convey the unique appeal of Japanese Wagyu, and there is no doubt that the Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council in particular has been putting tremendous effort into expanding the growth of Japanese Wagyu overseas.

For the first time in 5 years, the ‘Japanese Wagyu Beef Round Cuts Seminar’ returned to Australia with insightful presentations, wagyu cutting demonstrations, and networking sessions for representatives in the food industry to deepen their knowledge as well as expand their network of suppliers and partners. 

The event kicked off at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney on January 30th, followed by Amora Hotel Brisbane on February 2nd, which attracted around 90 and 70 attendees respectively, including international and domestic meat producers and distributors, plus restaurant, hospitality, and media professionals. 

The venue was carefully decorated with banners and videos introducing the charm of Japanese Wagyu. 

What captured the attendees’ attention most was the wagyu cut display, which provided a focused look at its highly marbled appearance. 

After the opening address, a presentation provided valuable information about the distinctive characteristics of Japanese Wagyu, along with quality control, as well as a QR code for instant access to a digital profile of the wagyu, including the breed, quality grade and pedigree. 

The highlight of the event was the exclusive wagyu cutting demonstration by the special guest, Mr. Tanaka, who showcased his seamless meat-cutting techniques and presented his insights into different cuts. 

Samples of steak cuts (rib-loin, tri-tip and lean meat) were served during the sessions. Attendees enjoyed the rich taste and unique flavour of each cut while Mr. Tanaka displayed his expertise and skills. 

The latter part of the event was a networking session, which allowed attendees to meet the suppliers from Japan and build professional connections. 

The wagyu tasting samples were also served with each cut, transformed into exquisite dishes by the chefs to bring out their full potential. 

Mr. Tanaka and attendees enjoyed lively discussions as he further spoke about perceptions of Japanese Wagyu. Both events were successful in conveying the unique properties of wagyu, promoting and strengthening the industry in Australia. 

About Japanese Wagyu

Acknowledged as one of the world’s most revered delicacies, Japanese wagyu is often described as ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ due to the rich marbling and the very fine muscle fibres. It also contains higher concentrations of oleic acid compared to other beef, which is said to have positive health benefits. The secret behind its prized marbling can be found in the production system. Most cattle are raised in family-owned farms (average of 18 cattle per breeder), which are relatively small in scale. They are bred with the utmost care, including daily health check-ups and routine brush massages.

The high quality of Japanese wagyu is also guaranteed by the Pedigree registration, from which you can trace a cattle’s lineage back through the generations. Established over 100 years ago, this registration only certifies full-blood wagyu cattle as authentic Japanese “Wagyu.” Now, the Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council is promoting the QR traceability system for consumers and anyone involved in wagyu handling. This allows one to access various information, such as a cattle’s date of birth, grade, origin and more.

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Event Details

■ Sydney
Date: Monday 30th January, 2023
Time: 2PM – 4PM
Venue: Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel Sydney (66 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000)

■ Brisbane
Date: Thursday 2nd February, 2023
Time: 2PM – 4PM
Venue: Amora Hotel Brisbane (200 Creek Street, Brisbane QLD 4000)


Event Organiser

The Japan Livestock Products Export Promotion Council



Special Thanks

JETRO Sydney



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