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These new “study tour programs” encourage participants to learn and discover hope through dialogues with those involved in the reconstruction of Fukushima, while witnessing the stark realities of the devastating earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster.

The Fukushima of Today

Since the 2011 Tohoku earthquakes, tsunami, and nuclear disaster, Fukushima has been on a long road to recovery as residents gradually return to their homes. Efforts are underway to improve and provide accurate safety information, helping visitors plan trips in Fukushima with peace of mind. The latest information regarding safety in Fukushima can be obtained here.


Australia’s Official Fukushima Prefecture Representatives
For any enquiries regarding Fukushima tourism, please feel free to reach out to
sales_fukushima@nta.com.au or call
Simon Williamson (Australian Attractions): 0438 744 633
Nippon Travel Agency Australia Sydney Office: (02) 9275-9661



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Located just over an hour ride away on the bullet train from Tokyo, Fukushima offers a great array of activities. Each season brings a different set of attraction to the visitors of Fukushima, such as camping in summer and swan watching in winter.