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1 in every 10 people a winner!

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1 in every 10 people a winner!

We have a special announcement for everyone who is planning a trip to Japan, or has already booked a trip between mid-November 2016 and March 2017!

If you rent a pocket Wi-Fi device from Japan Wireless to use while you’re in Japan, you could WIN the chance to visit again sooner rather than later with free return flights for you and a friend!

All entries will go in the draw for a huge give-away, with heaps of opportunities to win a prize – including a JR pass to get you all around Japan as a runner up prize, and 1 in 10 participants to receive a full refund on their Japan Wireless Wi-Fi router rental fee!
The grand prize and runner up prize will be valid from mid- April 2017 to mid-March 2018, so there’ll be plenty of time to plan your trip!

Wi-Fi makes travelling in a foreign country a breeze, but it can be difficult for tourists to access in many parts of Japan. If you’ve got your own pocket Wi-Fi device with you, you’ll always be sure of being able to access English-language information on the go, including maps, transport info, and updates on local events.

Japan Wireless’s Wi-Fi rental services are fast, reliable, and with unlimited data they’re super affordable. To help you discover just how essential pocket Wi-Fi is when you travel.
All you need to do to enter the draw is fill out the Japan Wireless application form, and then follow the link to complete G’Day Japan’s survey.

Get started by applying for Wi-Fi rental NOW!