Get connected in the snow! Win a trip to Japan with unlimited Wi-Fi

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Staying connected online is very useful when travelling overseas; it allows you to access up-to-date travel info, it keeps you in the loop with the world and of course, it allows you to share your happy snaps and experiences with family and friends right on the spot.

It can get difficult finding free Wi-Fi in Japan especially when adventuring out into snow holiday destinations or non-metropolitan areas. But Japan Wireless has a simple solution to that problem: portable Wi-Fi.

Japan Wireless provides a rental service of portable Wi-Fi devices at the most reasonable rate in the industry. You can book online before arriving in Japan; they even send out the device for you to pick up at the airport or your chosen accommodation right in time for your arrival.

Thanks to both Japan Wireless and Japan Airlines, we have some great prizes that will let you experience the convenience of portable Wi-Fis first hand. The Grand Prize winner will get to fly to Japan and have unlimited Wi-Fi but that’s not all. Twenty winners will each get to rent a portable Wi-Fi device for free and all participants (excl. prize winners) will receive a Japan Wireless ¥500 discount coupon.

So enter and get connected, wherever you may travel in Japan!
Entries close at 12:00 NOON (AEST) on 14th December 2015.