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Relax into Island Time at Ishigakijima

Okinawa Discover Ashleigh Dollin

“We live on different time here, Island Time... you can enjoy and relax” said the receptionist checking me into the hotel. Soon I became acutely aware of the flow of Island Time, my shoulders relaxed as the stresses of daily life left my body. The pace is leisurely at Ishigakijima it almost feels … Read More

Okinawa’s Outer Islands

Okinawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Island hopping in Okinawa: From one eclectic world to another Okinawa is made up of 160 islands that are full of life on and off the islands. There is no way to appreciate Okinawa without exploring these islands, and letting the local guides take you on a journey filled with gorgeous subtro… Read More

Okinawa’s Main Island

Okinawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Connect with Okinawa through the beauty of its traditional culture The traditional arts and culture of Okinawa comes from the perfect harmony of man, nature and spirit. The experiences you can find on the main island completely reflect that harmony and with it, you’ll be able to create a st… Read More