Okinawa, a tropical oasis of hidden discoveries

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There’s an exquisite mixture of liveliness and calmness that fills the air of Okinawa; is it the subtropical atmosphere and climate? Is it the rich and vibrant marine life? Is it the mystical jungles or the historical World Heritage sites?
Whatever it is, Japan’s southernmost prefecture, right by the East China Sea and the Western Pacific, is made of 160 islands, with six different dialects and a different atmosphere to the one on Japan’s mainland.
The white sandy beaches and the welcoming locals who love to entertain and show their island’s best, and the adventures through the jungles and the ocean all prove that everything beautiful about Okinawa is rooted in its beautiful landscape.


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Okinawa Story

Flights and Accommodation

Naha Airport will most likely be your first stop in Okinawa, conveniently connected to nine major cities in Asia, including Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong; as well as Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka and other major cities in Japan.
A number of Japanese domestic airlines offer very competitive fares to Okinawa from the mainland; check the websites of Jetstar Japan, Peach Aviation, Skymark Airlines and AirAsia Japan for some great deals. Japan Airlines’ oneworld Yokoso/Visit Japan Fare and ANA’s Star Alliance Japan Airpass/Visit Japan Fare also offer savings on connecting flights within Japan. There are direct flights from Haneda, Kansai International and Central Japan airport to Ishigaki Island. Japan Transocean Air’s Okinawa Island Pass is a cost effective option when island hopping from there.
Expedia, Webjet and TripAdvisor are three excellent online booking tools for flights and accommodation in Okinawa.


Okinawa’s Main Island

Connect with Okinawa through the beauty of its traditional culture

The traditional arts and culture of Okinawa comes from the perfect harmony of man, nature and spirit. The experiences you can find on the main island completely reflect that harmony and with it, youÅfll be able to create a string of unique memories you canÅft make anywhere else.


Okinawa’s Outer Islands

Island hopping in Okinawa: From one eclectic world to another

Okinawa is made up of 160 islands that are full of life on and off the islands. There is no way to appreciate Okinawa without exploring these islands, and letting the local guides take you on a journey filled with gorgeous subtropic scenery and mystical creatures.


Explore Japan’s own soul food region

Enjoy the lively spirit of Okinawa with its local cuisine…



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Okinawa is Japan’s souterhnmost prefecture, made up of hundreds of inhabited and uninhabited islands. Its most loved for it's subtropical climate and its abundance in outdoor activities which include snorkelling, kayaking and trekking through mangroves.