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Suminoyu is located in the historic town of Shibu Onsen. Shibu Onsen is known for its nostalgic townscape with stone paved streets alive with friendly locals.

The town is also known for its many hot springs and Suminoyu is one of the oldest establishments here. The accommodation is a traditional Japanese ryokan and it comes complete with its own natural hot spring.

Suminoyu is located right near the popular Snow Monkey Park. Why not go visit the monkeys for the day and stay at Suminoyu for a night of exquisite food and a relaxing bath?

Onyado Suminoyu
2091 Hirao, Ooaza, Yamanouchi-machi, Shimotakai-gun, Nagano
Phone: +81-269-33-3128
Email: info@suminoyu.com



| Temperature: 6

Nagano is known as one of Japan’s most popular snow holiday destinations that hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics game. It’s a landlocked prefecture that’s home to famous hot spring towns like Nozawa Onsen and the adorable hot-spring-loving snow monkeys.