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Fabric Dyeing has always been an enjoyable activity. One of its attractions is not only the beautiful results that you can easily achieve but how simple and quick the process is. The best part of fabric dyeing is that everyone can participate in the process. There is less of a chance that the fabric dyes can cause any harm to you or your children, which results in a safe and fun family-friendly activity. It is also an eco-friendly project. Instead of throwing away an old and unwanted fabric, fabric dyeing will breathe new life into these garments. The materials make a wonderful transition to upcycle your pieces that might have ended up as waste.

The year of 2020 was the year of quarantine, self-isolation and where social distancing was taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. While people had more time on their hands, various trends evolved such as cooking, baking, reading or home exercising. With this trend, it comes as no surprise that fabric-dyeing has been gaining in popularity. People have been seeking for comfort and boosting their creativity through these stressful times, and fabric-dyeing is such an apt DIY activity, requiring minimal tools and can be done right at home. So why not consider adding fabric-dyeing for a fun activity?


Why MIYACOZOME for fabric dyeing?


MIYACOZOME is the best and most selling hand-dye brand made-in Japan.

Amazingly the brand has been long-established since 1890 for over 100 years. Its signature is the ‘MIYACOZOME’ brand dyes as they are renowned for being Japan’s finest. MIYACOZOME products can be purchased not only in Japan but across the world. Its aim has always been to offer an easy ‘MIYACOZOME’ dyeing process for the entire family, to get together to enjoy the activity together.  While a wide range of products are available, they also provide eco-friendly dyes without containing no harmful substances.

The hand-dye which we are going to introduce today is the ‘MIYACOZOME’ dye brand. You might not be familiar with the ‘MIYACOZOME’ brand but it’s actually the best-selling dye in Japan. Amazingly, the brand has been long-established for over 100 years, since 1890. Its hue is said to be Japanese-like (not vibrant but rather natural) with gentle colours as it’s used in artworks by Hajime Nakatomi- a Japanese bamboo artist.

Recently, it has been gaining popularity amongst cosplayers since it can dye their costumes and wigs well. KATSURYA FINE GOODS CO., LTD.- the manufacturer of MIYACOZOME brand, is one of the few dye manufacturers in Japan that does compounding, production and shipment in a consistent process at their in-house company. Hence, you can be rest assured MIYACOZOME is an  authentic and high quality ‘MADE IN JAPAN’ brand.

Although being a synthetic dye, it has a strict stance for only using material with non-harmful substances, taking the environment into consideration. In 2017, it was the first hand-dye brand to be accredited with Eco Passport Certification in the world. Its usability and the beautiful packaging are popular in Japan and so no wonder that MIYACOZOME is a in demand product.



KATSURAYA FINEGOODS. CO., LTD.- the manufacturer of MIYACOZOME was established in 1890 during the Meiji Period in Nihonbashi- the traditional and historical centre of Tokyo’s commerce quarter. It was Rikinosuke Aoyama who established KATSURAYA FINEGOODS CO., LTD. He was rooted to the formerly high-ranking samurai, however, the role of the samurai has come to an end. With limited options available, he became the apprentice of a dye merchant where he improved his skills of dyeing. In 1896, he launched his own dyeing business and chose Nihonbashi to start his career after years of apprenticeship and training. Finally gaining approval from his boss, he pursued the brand ‘MIYACOZOME’ for a family-friendly dyeing with the highest quality at an inexpensive price. Since then, KATSURAYA FINE GOODS CO., LTD. continue to provide the best dyeing experience across Japan not only for enjoyable purposes but also assisting people in need. This was evident during the recession, as the dye products of KATSURAYA FINEGOODS CO., LTD. enabled people to re-dye and upcycle their materials to replenish supply shortages.

Building strong business reputations, the ‘MIYACOZOME’ brand started to grow a national reputation. As dyeing was implemented in the school curriculum, KATSURAYA FINEGOODS CO., LTD. was the first to host dyeing lessons, sharing tips and techniques for producing gorgeous and diverse results. Now, KATSURAYA FINEGOODS CO., LTD. products accommodate various kinds of fibres with the launch of ‘COLD DYE ALL’ products as well as ‘ECO’ products, containing no harmful substances, successfully meeting the strict conditions of European Union.


The Simple Dyeing Process with MIYACOZOME Products

Watch the following video to find out tips, tricks and how-tos of easy fabric dyeing with MIYACOZOME.



Main Products of MIYACOZOME.

Nationally loved for over 100 years, MIYACOZOME dye colours are well known as being family-friendly products in Japan.


  • Available in 28 colours
  • Dyes textiles in low temperature of 30°C or above
  • Dyes plant fibers like cotton, hemp, linen, rayon, wood, bamboo and cupra well
  • Dyes animal fibers like silk, wool,nylon and polyurethane in lighter color
  • Eco dye free from toxic synthetic materials


  • Available in 28 colours
  • Dye textiles in hot temperature of 85°C or above
  • Dyes plant fibers like cotton, hemp, linen, rayon, wood, bamboo, cupra and animal fibers like silk, wool,nylon, polyurethane well
  • Dyes polyester in lighter color
  • Eco dye free from toxic synthetic materials


  • Available in 14 colours
  • For dyeing polyester 100% fabrics only
  • Eco dye free from toxic synthetic materials

Other dyes or pigments are also available.


SOMENOVA- A Workspace to Experience MIYACOZOME Dyeing

‘SOMENOVA’ is a space where anyone can enjoy dyeing. It offers a wide range of events from workshops where you can easily join in with empty-handed to authentic ones where you can receive direct guidance from the professionals. In addition, there are dye lessons where you will learn the basic usage of your preferred dye. The rental space is also popular where you are more than welcome to use the venue’s dyeing equipment to dye whatever you brought along. Please reach out to the following contact details for pricing and other details.


Contact Details

Phone: 81-3-3662-5612
Email: somenova@katsuraya-finegoods.com
Web: https://www.katsuraya-fg.com/about_en
Address: 14-7 Kobuna-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Operating Hours: Weekdays: 10:00-16:00 (Mondays and Tuesdays are closed) Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 10:00-18:00



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