Drive and explore the fresh Spring atmosphere of Iwate!

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G'Day Japan! / Discover / Drive and explore the fresh Spring atmosphere of Iwate!

Due to their long and extreme Winters, Iwate in Spring brings a strong contrast, welcoming warmth and happiness.


The symbol of Spring in Japan is the commencement of the Cherry Blossom season, however in the Iwate town of Shizuku-Ishi, the mountains are still snow-covered. One particularly famous cherry blossom tree – situated at “Koiwai” farm in the foreground of the distant snow-covered mountains – brings photographers from all around Japan to capture its picturesque “like an oil-painting” reputation. Another very famous Iwate cherry blossom sight is “Kitakami Tenshochi”, where continuous rows of cherry blossom trees stretch for 2 kilometres along the Kitakami River.


From April 10th to May 7th, Japanese traditional “Koi Nobori” (Carp wind-streamers) decorate the riverbanks further upstream where sightseeing boats operate. Visitors can simultaneously enjoy both the views of the “Koi Nobori” and cherry blossom trees from the boats.


Despite lowlands being covered in fresh green pastures, snow still remain on the mountains during Spring. When the Hachimantai Mountain roads re-open after the long winter, they are transformed into snowy corridors, where tall snow-walls stand on both sides of the road. The contrast between the mild spring sunshine and the giant snow-walls is quite an extraordinary sight to see.


Another attraction of Iwate in Spring is its strawberry picking season. More than 15,000 plants are grown in the “Strawberry Forest Salad Farm” in Hachimantai City, where visitors can indulge in a 40 min. all-you-can-eat strawberry picking experience across their seven (7) different varieties. With 20℃ greenhouse temperatures, and spacious wheelchair-friendly paths, it’s a carefree day outing, particularly for children and elderly visitors.

After a long snow-covered Winter, the fresh and colourful green arrival of Iwate in Spring is warmly welcomed.


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Blessed with a long coastline that faces the Pacific Ocean, Iwate has many natural fishing ports that provides the country with fresh seafood. A great range of outdoor activities can be enjoyed in Iwate, especially along Mt. Iwate and Appi Plateau.