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The current COVID-19 outbreak has caused unnecessary stress to many of us especially because of the uncertainty of it all. For now, let’s all play our part and heed the government’s advice to stay home unless necessary. 

We’re just as bummed as you are to hear that so many events, opportunities and plans have been postponed or cancelled due to this outbreak. Though we’re all cooped up at home most of the time now, always remember to take frequent breaks and take time to reward yourself as you navigate and adapt to these tough times. As such, we’ve compiled the following list of YouTube videos from popular attractions and things to do in Japan, just for you to experience Japan as much as possible. 

1. Tokyo DisneySea Fantasmic! Special Video

Did you know that there’s a sea-themed Disney park in Japan? In addition to the original Tokyo Disneyland in Japan, there’s a park called “Tokyo DisneySea”. A marine theme ties both attractions there. The Official Tokyo Disney Resort YouTube channel has uploaded one of the most popular shows at the park. It will delight you with beautiful songs, lights and dance for sure. The show is all in Japanese, but it doesn’t really matter. It’s Disney, so once you immerse yourself in Disney’s world, the language wouldn’t even bother you. You can enjoy it anyway.

2. teamLab Artworks Videos

teamLab is a creative and technology agency in Japan that works on a bunch of innovative projects and artworks. You may have heard of the two museums they ownteamLab Borderless and Planets, which have gotten the attention of many in recent years and has become a tourist hotspot over the years. Of course, you cannot travel and visit these museums at this stage, but teamLab has been uploading some artworks on their YouTube channel. So, jump onto the video and be mesmerised by their amazing artworks. Remember to immerse yourself in the actual artworks the next time you’re in Japan too! 

3. Adventure World Zoo “Giant Panda Family”

You’re probably wondering how a zoo can make things interesting even though their doors are closed to the public? Like some other zoos in Australia, they provide live streams of the pandas at the zoo. They only live stream everyday between 12:00 and 13:00 AEST, but all the previously streamed videos are archived on the page below. The pandas are just being pandas, having a relaxing time, chomping bamboo leaves, sleeping and sometimes moving around. It is just adorable, isn’t it?

More archived videos on here: https://aws-panda-live.com/archives/

*the page is in Japanese, but you can get to the video by clicking “play” button on the video screen.

4. Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) Walking Meguro River

I assume some of you initially had plans of travelling to Japan around March/April for cherry blossoms but cancelled it because of the coronavirus outbreak? We understand how you feel right now, it’s disappointing. For those who were excited to see the beauty of cherry blossoms but couldn’t make it, here is a video for you! The video includes the beautiful scenery of cherry blossoms along the Meguro River, which is one of the most fabulous places to enjoy Sakura. It may not be as thrillingbut it’s definitely as calming. 

We hope you’d love these videos to lift your spirits up during this self-isolation period! 



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