Win a kawaii present at Matsuri Japan Festival!

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Follow @puroland_global on Instagram for all things kawaii and Hello Kitty now, and get a kawaii present from the Sanrio booth at Matsuri Japan Festival this year (Dec 8)!
On top of that, they are also giving away 10 passes to Sanrio Puroland to FIVE people that visit the booth. So you are going to want to make sure you get to Matsuri prepared for a fix of kawaii!

So where and what is Sanrio Puroland?
It’s where you can go to meet Hello Kitty! It’s a pastel, glittering magical world of Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends.

It’s an all indoors amusement park so come rain or shine you can enjoy one of the pillars of Japan’s kawaii culture all day. Puroland is located five minutes from the Keio & Odakyu line Tama Center station, which is about a half an hour on the same line from Shinjuku.

It’s not just for kids and their families, Puroland is very popular by uni students and women as well!
One of the reasons being that it is full of photogenic or shall we say, ‘grammable’ spots! Baby pink and blue themed rides, sparkling on stage performances – this place is what the word ‘kawaii’ means.

For those heading to Japan this December, Puroland is of course celebrations Christmas, Hello Kitty style. It’ll be an especially lovely time of the year to visit Puroland and it’s cute residents!

Sanrio Puroland
1 Chome-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo 206-8588



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