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Japan comes alive once the stars come out!

Japan’s vibe at night completely changes and gives an entirely new side and perspective to nightlife. It is one of the best in the world. It redefines what nightlife truly is and takes it to a whole new level. Unlike the daytime, Japan’s nights are sure to reflect a sparkle on your eyes, as it is filled with bright, colourful lights everywhere you look. Here, discoveries are endless once the sun goes down, ranging from the amazing night events, illuminations, views to bars and restaurants. Truly a magical experience you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

Night Events

Events in Japan come in various shapes and forms. Regardless of the season, there is always an event to look forward to enjoying with friends, family or with that special someone. While some events are best held during the day, night time provides a different ambiance and an air of mystery and excitement. From summer festivals involving dazzling displays of fireworks to night markets where the inviting glow emanating from the street vendors entice you to purchase to fire and lantern festivals that are rich in tradition and history, there is a whole host of events that occur exclusively once the sun sets.

Top Fireworks in Japan

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No summer in Japan is complete without a good fireworks show. From being a simple entertainment in the Edo period, it has now turned into fine arts. Hence, pyrotechnicians from all over Japan gather together to compete for the top spot each year. Undoubtedly, your mind will be blown away! &n… Read More

5 Magical Lantern Festivals in Japan

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Japan is rich in tradition and culture. With an abundance of festivals ranging from the tranquil to the energetic, there is always an event to get excited for. We’re here to introduce you to 5 Magical Lantern Festivals in Japan. From sky lanterns that cast an enchanting glow, brightening up the win… Read More


Japan will tap into your wildest imagination with their divine illuminations that light up the cities at night! It is absolutely magical! Being that, Japan is one of the best in the world when it comes to this, there is no doubt as to why they have received a huge amount of praise and fame for it. Visitors become stunned at the fact that each illumination is super unique and creative in their own way.
Especially in Japan's winter season, illuminations are pretty much everywhere. The events are usually displayed every single year and are spread across the country. If you go, get the camera ready! It is totally photo worthy.

6 Enchanting Autumn Light Up Events in Japan

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During autumn, you not only enjoy the brilliant colours during the day but at night too. Autumn light up events occur throughout Japan bringing new life to the gardens, temples, and parks they illuminate. Dazzling light displays transform the atmosphere as various types of maple and gingko trees gl… Read More

Japan, Winter Illuminations Guide 2020-2021

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If you're wondering what else is there to do in Japan's winter besides skiing or hot springs, then we just might have the perfect idea for you. What does Japan do best? Their awesome illuminations! Japan will tap into your wildest imagination with their divine winter illuminations that light up the… Read More

Night Views

Japan is synonymous with spectacular scenery. The country’s beautiful natural gifts and charming city design provide countless picturesque viewing spots, from the hustle and bustle of busy metropolitan areas to the tranquil atmosphere of mountain trails. This scenery only gets better once the sun goes down and the spark of the city lights come to life. The lights of the city synergise perfectly with the natural beauty of the country, creating even more wondrous viewing experiences.
Whether it’s the neon glow of the city streets of Shinjuku, the lights of the cityscape reflected against the ocean or the twinkling lights of distant cities when viewed from Japan’s mountaintops, the night views in Japan are spectacular and diverse.

Japan’s dazzling night view places!

Tokyo Discover Avatar photo Vivianne Tran

The night view in Japan has to be one of the best in the world! Japan’s night comes alive when the lights glow up every corner of the city and the stars come out to play. Now, imagine overlooking this stunning view from the very top! Japan's night view is no joke! The beauty of the scenery already … Read More

Bright and innovative by night…

Osaka Discover G'Day Japan!

Loud and proud nightlife hub Dotonbori Dotonbori prides itself as the most popular entertainment district in Osaka; Encompassing both sides of the Dotonbori canal, the area is home to many of Osaka’s signature nightlife destinations. The best way to begin your adventure there is with a walk… Read More

Bar & Restaurants

Japan has got to be one of the top destinations where there is an endless list of foods to try. Japan is known for their wonderful night life and with that being said, there are many delicious foods and desserts to try that are open till late. You can easily lose track of time and end up spending all night eating away. Take Osaka’s Dōtonbori as an example, it is a street food heaven when the sun goes down, serving up mouth-watering takoyaki, gyoza and more. There are many places to discover at night and food is definitely one of them!

Tokyo’s Izakaya night bars guide!

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Have you guys heard of Japan’s favourite hangout place, Izakaya? If this sounds foreign to you, allow me to explain what it is. Izakaya is a type of casual Japanese-style bar/pub (the midpoint between a bar and a restaurant), serving a range of Japanese alcoholic drinks and top-notch snacks to acc… Read More