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Osaka is Japan’s western capital, and the underdog of Japanese travel destinations. Pioneers and built Osaka on innovative ideas; they were the ones who brought us instant noodles, and sushi train.

An air of nostalgia complement the city’s modern, trail-blazing energy, which is just what makes it such a unique destination to visit. Whether you’re in the warm, retro atmosphere of the Kuromon Ichiba Market by day, where locals have been coming to enjoy good times and banter for a hundred years, or exploring the truly modern architectural design of the Floating Garden Observatory by night, you’ll notice you are constantly slipping in and out of old and new. Take the first step, and see for yourself what unique experiences await…



Useful Information

Osaka Amazing Pass



Osaka Amazing Pass is an all-in-one pass to Osaka. As of June 2016, you can get a 1-day pass for ¥2,300 and a 2-day pass for ¥3,000. These will give you unlimited travel on the subway, tram and selected private train lines. On top of that, you’ll have free access to 32 locations in Osaka! The Osaka Amazing Pass is available at various locations, including the Kansai Tourist Information Centre in Kansai Airport and Osaka Municipal Subway stations. Head to the website below for more details.


Osaka Free Wi-Fi



Travelling in Osaka is easy with approx. 2,000 free Wi-Fi spots around Osaka. Just look for the Osaka Free Wi-Fi signage around town. To connect, select ‘Osaka_Free_WiFi’ or ‘Osaka Free WiFi Lite’ on your list of networks and follow the prompts. Osaka Free WiFi is unlimited and resets hourly, while Osaka Free WiFi Lite is capped at a maximum of four hours, available up to eight sessions daily.


Getting to Osaka

The flight from Australia to Osaka is approximately ten hours; direct flights arrive at Kansai International Airport (KIX), which is the city’s main gateway.There is also Osaka-Itami International Airport. KIX to downtown Osaka is an hour’s ride on the Kansai Airport Rapid Service, and the bus ride from Osaka-Itami to Osaka Station is 40 minutes.



Travelling through time in Osaka




| Temperature: 21

Osaka is the cultural and economical centre of western Japan. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides, however, it’s Osaka’s vibrant and innovative culture that produced sushi trains and the tallest building in Japan that attracts its visitors.