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Powder bliss in Nagano ; SHIGA KOGEN

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> Japan's biggest resort area > Hot spring heaven > Snow Monkeys AND Snow Monsters It's become common knowledge that Japan has a number of impressive powder resorts, all vying for attention with their huge snowfalls, relaxing hot springs, and exceptionally good local cuisine. There ...readmore


Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort

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SHIGA KOGEN'S BIGGEST Yakebitaiyama Ski Resort is the largest of the interconnected resorts in the Shiga Kogen area, and was the stage of the first ever Olympic snowboarding race at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano. This very race track is now its Olympic Course - a 650-metre speed run with ...readmore


Higashi Tateyama Ski Resort

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QUALITY FROM THE TOP DOWN From the summit of the Higashi Tateyama Ski Resort, the Northern Japanese Alps dominate the horizon. The scale of this view is as breathtaking as the runs that fly down the mountain, and it's an absolute must-try for skiers and snowboarders in the Shiga Kogen resort ...readmore


Tsugaike Kogen

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POWDER AT THE FRONT DOOR Tsugaike Kogen transforms from a highland oasis of colour in the off-season to a powder paradise in winter. One of the Hakuba Valley's biggest resorts, the ten courses within its 196 hectares are connected by 20 lifts, and there is a good variety of convenient slope-f ...readmore


The Freeride World Tour Comes to Hakuba

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Imagine a steep, snowy alpine slope of forty-five degrees or more, dotted with cliff faces, rocks, trees and natural features. This type off-piste terrain is a freerider’s dream, and this past January 2017, Hakuba Village played host to the first ever Freeride World Tour in Asia. For those wh ...readmore


Food you MUST try in Japan

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©Y.Shimizu/©JNTO Japan is the land of delicious food. With fresh produce and amazing flavours, it offers plenty of options for all of the foodies out there. Here are four must-trys:   Okonomiyaki A distant cousin of the pancake, okonomiyaki is simple, but oh-so-sat ...readmore


A day of kawaii in Kyoto

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Sarah was inspired by the fact that Kyoto is a city where one can come in contact with and experience Japanese culture on a daily basis. Kyoto is introduced as a historical and traditional setting in most researching it. However, Sarah found that Kyoto is also quite an innovative, modern destinat ...readmore