People of Japan: Making a difference in a big way

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"People often ask me: are you not depressed and disappointed by ever-increasing refugee problems? My answer is no. I say "no" because refugee problems can be solved." – Sadako Ogata As a young woman in Japan in the 1940s, Sadako Ogata (née Nakamura) would not have been expected to be particularly ...readmore





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If you’ve been into a game arcade anytime in the past fifteen years or so, you’ve probably heard of Dance Dance Revolution. A dance based arcade game with a euro beat and a focus on fancy footwork, DDR is a great way to work up a sweat and get some cardio in. There are even miniature versions of thi ...readmore


The 'NŌ' Girls & Boys

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The Japanese food culture is one of the most healthiest in the world. The Japanese are also known to have long life expectancy and their obesity rate is among the lowest in the world. It's a clear fact that the Japanese people have a profound respect and love for their food and recently, this has tr ...readmore


Golden Week

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Japanese people have a reputation for being some of the most conscientious workers in the world, but there's one period every year in Japan that is all about slacking off as much as possible. It's known as Golden Week - that's not a translation - and it is actually a collection of national holidays ...readmore


Kimono Evolution - Part 2

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aaPreviously in Kimono Evolution - Part 1, we discovered that the word kimono does not necessarily mean the Japanese traditional clothing but it describes clothing in general. We also discovered that over the long history of Japan, the 'kimono' has evolved from a simple potato sack style dress into ...readmore


The Japanese Tradies

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The word 'tradies' paints a very Australian picture; high-vis shirt, lace up workman boots, shorts, a small esky style lunch box, ute and beer stubbies. The hard working tradies of Australia have a certain look and certain mannerisms, and their work becomes a big part of their identities. Men who ta ...readmore



Short trips around Kanazawa

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Stay in Kanazawa to dig deeper and experience Ishikawa's diverse regional culture   Kaga Area Visit the Kaga area from Kanazawa for a full-bodied mix of local culture, hot springs and mountain scenery. Centred on the city of Kaga, an hour to the south of Kanazawa by train, it has six maj ...readmore