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An invitation to get to know Japan in Sydney

Japan and its unique culture continue to fascinate thousands of Australians, and whether it be food, fashion, beauty or traditional arts, more and more are seeking it out at home.

The Ultimate Japanese Staycation Guide takes a tour of the Japanese cultural scene in Sydney, which is responding to what the Japanese would describe as a ‘love-call’ from everyday Aussies with fresh, authentic stores, food trends and more. See how easy it is to slot a taste of everyday Japan into the Australian lifestyle, and make it more multicultural than ever before – get set to begin your Japanese staycation in 3…2…1…




Japanese creations for the Australian lifestyle

The very first Australian boutique of Japan’s oldest watchmaker

Seiko began over a century ago in 1881, when its then 22-year-old founder, Kintaro Hattori, opened a shop selling and repairing clocks in Tokyo. Just over a decade later, he began producing clocks under the brand name ‘Seikosha’. ‘Seiko’ roughly translates to intricate or exquisite craftsmanship, which is true to the company’s legacy.

Soon after founding Seikosha, Kintaro began producing the company’s own brand of pocket watches. When he caught wind of a new trend arising in timepiece accessories, he went on to create Japan’s first-ever wristwatch, the Laurel. This was the real beginning of Seiko.

Fast-forward to March 2016: Seiko opened the doors of its first ever boutique in Australia, joining the lineup of luxury boutiques at Sydney’s historic Queen Victoria Building. Boutique manager Shelly Ko says the response so far has been great. Her boutique receives all different kinds of customers, including Seiko collectors. The very reason they come in to the Seiko boutique, and not just any watch store, is because it stocks exclusive, limited-edition items and product lines that have never been available in Australia before.

Each piece featured in the boutique, including the exclusive pieces, has been selected to match the versatile, active Australian lifestyle. The luxurious Grand Seiko Spring Drive (SBGA011, RRP $7500) for example, is encased in high intensity titanium, and is also water resistant to 100 metres.

One of the most popular pieces is the Prospex Marinemaster (SBDX014, RRP $6300). This specialist piece is water resistant to 1000 metres.

Seiko’s 135-year history attests to the dependable, fine craftsmanship of its watches; visit its new Sydney boutique, for a true appreciation of their engineering design and sophistication.



The Ultimate Japanese Guide Staycation



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