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Ski Shop Vail opened in June, 2012, and has already established itself within Kanda-ogawa as a major player. The store belongs to a family of specialty stores that have been in the area for over 50 years: Ski Shop Vail has lived up to their standards with superbly refined customer service.

The modern, glass building is a welcoming and pleasant space to look, try and buy your new favourite gear. It’s a spacious and neat store with photographs of snowy mountains tastefully placed throughout the store to create an exciting atmosphere to shoppers. From the moment you step into the store and up to the second floor, this store is filled with great products from major brands and boutique brands.

A grand selection of skis and boots welcome customers as they walk into the ground floor. The selection of free-skiing and backcountry style items as well as bindings for climbing, is the best out of the whole Kanda-ogawa area.

Once you are upstairs, another fantastic range of ski wear and accessories for a variety of different ski styles awaits for your discovery. Just as one of their many English speaking staff to help you style the best snow-look for the season, so there is nothing to worry about.

Not only will you have access to great products, but the staff will provide you with great knowledge and advice.

Beginning your snow holiday by stopping off at Ski Shop Vail is definitely a great idea.

Ski Shop Vail
Level 1, Kimura Building, 2-1 Kanda-ogawa-machi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-5577-6411
Open: 11:30am-7:00pm (Apr-Aug)/7:30pm (Mar, Sep)/8:00pm (Mar, Oct)/8:30pm (Nov-Feb)
Closed Wed (Apr-Jul)



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