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Osaka Discover G'Day Japan!

Osaka Science Museum, Floating Garden Observatory & Abeno Harukas As well as a food mecca, Osaka is a famous source of innovation and new ideas in Japan. It's the city where Panasonic was founded, as well as Nissin Foods - the company that blessed the world with instant ramen noodles. This ro… Read More


Osaka Discover G'Day Japan!

Naniwa-no-Yu, Santa Maria & Hep Five Just when you thought you'd seen it all, you discover that there's a natural hot spring walking distance from Tenjinbashisuji 6-chome (T18) on the Tanimachi Line, just two stops from Higashi-Umeda (T20) in the heart of downtown Osaka. It's called Naniwa-no-… Read More


Osaka Discover G'Day Japan!

Osaka Museum of Housing and Living, Tsutenkaku Tower & Hozenji Yokocho Discover the traditional atmosphere of Osaka on this route, starting among merchants houses and other classic pieces of architecture that portray the city circa 1830 - 1844. They are featured in the Edo period streetscape a… Read More

Family fun in Ishikawa’s Kaga area

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

From to craft to cars, Kaga has a range of attractions ideally suited to family groups   Okashi-jo Kagahan & Nippon Origami Museum Okashi-jo Kagahan is one of the Kaga area's most well-established traditional sweet makers, and with more than 300 types to choose from under the one ro… Read More

Short trips around Kanazawa

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Stay in Kanazawa to dig deeper and experience Ishikawa's diverse regional culture   Kaga Area Visit the Kaga area from Kanazawa for a full-bodied mix of local culture, hot springs and mountain scenery. Centred on the city of Kaga, an hour to the south of Kanazawa by train, it has six ma… Read More

Kanazawa culture in half a day

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Kanazawa's cultural riches make the city an incredibly rewarding day trip from Nagano or Tokyo Early: Hirokoji & Myoryuji Temple Now that the Hokuriku Shinkansen bullet train has put Kanazawa just over an hour from Nagano, and only two and a half from Tokyo, Kanazawa's special castle town… Read More

The best of Kanazawa in a day

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

From one of Japan's most beautiful gardens to modern art   Morning: Kanazawa Station, Omi-cho Market Even before setting foot in Kanazawa's cultural heritage area, gold leaf greets visitors to the city with a shine on the bullet train platforms of Kanazawa Station. First priority? Fresh… Read More

Four must-see destinations in Kanazawa

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Kenrokuen Garden, Myoryuji Temple, Kanazawa Station & Omi-cho Market   Kenrokuen Garden Featuring an inspiring series of landscapes imbued with deep philosophy and spirituality, Kenrokuen Garden is an iconic part of Kanazawa's cultural heritage, and one of Japan's three most beautif… Read More

Kanazawa hands-on

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Connect with the city's living cultural heritage Try a hands-on creative workshop in Kanazawa for a more intimate insight into the city's cultural riches, and find out why it has been recognised as a UNESCO City of Crafts and Folk Art.… Read More

Kanazawa’s living cultural heritage

Ishikawa Discover G'Day Japan!

Castle town charm, and gastronomic delight Kanazawa was founded amidst the storm of famine, rebellion and civil war that raged during sixteenth-century Japan, and richly matured as a castle town to become one of the most influential cities in the country. A patchwork of gently undulating plat… Read More