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Quirky and nostalgic by day…

Osaka Discover G'Day Japan!

Osaka’s mecca of street food Kuromon Ichib Known as one of Osaka’s largest food markets, Kuromon Ichiba is a must-visit spot for a tasty feed. Locals come to this 114 year-old market for their daily shop, some socialising, and of course delicious street food. The market spreads out in all f… Read More

Bright and innovative by night…

Osaka Discover G'Day Japan!

Loud and proud nightlife hub Dotonbori Dotonbori prides itself as the most popular entertainment district in Osaka; Encompassing both sides of the Dotonbori canal, the area is home to many of Osaka’s signature nightlife destinations. The best way to begin your adventure there is with a walk… Read More

Views of Mount Fuji now and then

Yamanashi Discover G'Day Japan!

Mount Fuji, or Fujisan as it’s called in Japanese, has long been an influential presence in Japanese art. The work of countless Japanese artists captures this majestic icon, and an all-time classic is Katsushika Hokusai's ‘Koshu Misaka Suimen' ( Surface of the Water, Misaka, Kai Province). This pie… Read More


Discover G'Day Japan!

APPI / HACHIMANTAI SKI AREA 2016-17 - Rural Town Bar & Hot Spring Version     A DEEPER LOOK AT MATSUKAWA ONSEN The Matsukawa Onsen hot spring inn community is an excellent choice for experiencing Hachimantai's hitō hot springs in winter. Hitō means a hidden or secret hot spr… Read More


Iwate Discover G'Day Japan!

SNOWSHOE NATURE TRAIL & WINTER MOUNTAIN TREKKING The snowshoe nature trail allows participants to step off the fast lane, stop and admire the beauty that surrounds them. The forest behind Hotel APPI Grand is host to all kinds of flora, fauna and fluffy snow to play with. Explore yourself o… Read More

The ‘NŌ’ Girls & Boys

Culture Ayla Yuile

The Japanese food culture is one of the most healthiest in the world. The Japanese are also known to have long life expectancy and their obesity rate is among the lowest in the world. It's a clear fact that the Japanese people have a profound respect and love for their food and recently, this has t… Read More

People of Japan: Making a difference in a big way

Discover Alison Muir

"People often ask me: are you not depressed and disappointed by ever-increasing refugee problems? My answer is no. I say "no" because refugee problems can be solved." – Sadako Ogata As a young woman in Japan in the 1940s, Sadako Ogata (née Nakamura) would not have been expected to be particularl… Read More

Kimono Evolution – Part 1

Culture Ayla Yuile

kimono /kɪmóʊnə|-noʊ/ 1. clothes /kloʊz/ ; clothing /klóʊðɪŋ/ ; a garment Kimono is known across the world as the traditional, national costume of Japan, and there are many modern adaptations of this made in the western garment industry. These often come in the form of silky nightgowns that fe… Read More

Animal Sanctuaries in Japan

Discover Alison Muir

If you love animals, there is no shortage of animal experiences to be had in Japan. Many people have heard of cat cafes, but the kitty you make friends with over an overpriced soda is far from being the limit when it comes to animal paradises in Japan. Here are just a few of the places in Japan whe… Read More


Discover G'Day Japan!

How will you enjoy Japan? Twelve great ways to relax in Japan, taste its amazing cuisine, discover its nature, culture and history, and celebrate with its people. RELAX Just want to put your feet up and let the world float by from the comfort of a beach or hot spring? Or perh… Read More


Discover G'Day Japan!

Japan's top three festivals The grace of a Japanese shrine can easily invoke a quiet, contemplative ambience, but when one is lifted up and shaken vigorously down the street atop a heaving crowd, it calls for the sort of raucous cheers more appropriate for a grand final. Portable shrines li… Read More


Discover G'Day Japan!

Time-travelling in Kyoto and Nara Beautiful temples and shrines nestled in mystical forests abound throughout Japan, but there are few that can match the enormous scale of Kyoto's Fushimi Inari Taisha Grand Shrine and Nara's Tōdai-ji Temple. These World Heritage-listed sites, which include … Read More


Discover G'Day Japan!

Taste sensations of Tsukiji Just a stone's throw from the biggest wholesale fish market in the world, sushi restaurants in Tokyo's Tsukiji area easily attract breakfast queues that snake out onto the footpath well before sunrise. Sushi Zanmai and Sushi Dai are two budget to mid-priced break… Read More


Discover G'Day Japan!

Island-hopping around Okinawa Subtropical Okinawa is traditionally known as the Ryukyu Islands, and enjoys the best of Japan's most amazing beaches. What helps seal the deal for international visitors is the fascinating native culture of the Ryukyus, which sets them apart from other beach reso… Read More

Exploring the new and old of Japan in Sydney

Sydney Discover G'Day Japan!

With over 30,000 Australian travellers visiting Japan in 2014, Japan has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for many Australians and no longer a curious island country far up in Asia. Japan is home to a unique culture that comes from a mixture of traditions and futuristic technolo… Read More


Niigata Discover G'Day Japan!

Experiencing the bounty of a Japanese Bordeaux Echigo-Yuzawa is part of a region called Minami-Uonuma, which is in many ways a Bordeaux of Japan. Just as Bordeaux has an ideal climate for viticulture, Minami-Uonuma has an ideal climate for rice farming, and the quality of its Minami-Uonuma Koshi… Read More


Niigata Discover G'Day Japan!

Discovering an ancient healing retreat When Hanroku Takahashi descended into a valley in Echigo-Yuzawa some 900 years ago, a hot spring bath was the last thing he had in mind. The local warrior had fallen ill on a journey through what was then a wilderness area, and was trying to catch medicina… Read More


Nagano Discover G'Day Japan!

History flows through the hot springs of Yudanaka Onsen From the moment you step off the train at Yudanaka station, you are already fully immersed in this onsen (hot spring) town. The station has its own hot spring facilities for day-trippers, and outside there’s a foot bath you can enjoy to kic… Read More