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Party like the Japanese!

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The authentic way to enjoy karaoke 1.01 People in Japan of all ages, teenagers, young adults and even elderly men and women love a good party at karaoke. Some even use karaoke as a way to release stress. Lantern by Wagaya is a luxury style karaoke restaurant with 22 different private karaoke … Read More

Have you heard of Sake?

Sydney Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Another piece of the puzzle that is Japanese cuisine...   Izakaya Masuya is one of the trailblazers in Sydney turning heads and sparking interest in sake, the Japanese fermented rice wine. They’ve got a vast selection of sake from all over Japan, chosen carefully by their resident som… Read More

It’s a ramen’s world

Sydney Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Here's why you should give the ramen trend a go... For a few years now, the ramen trend has been slowly taking over major international cities like New York, and here in Sydney? The battle has just begun. Ramen crossed the ocean to Japan from China during the Meiji era, and over time it evolv… Read More

Exploring the world of washoku

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Introduce a flavourful side of Japanese culture into your everyday life Washoku or Japanese food has been praised, enjoyed and transformed all over the world; it has even been added to UNESCO's List of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Washoku is most people’s first real exposure to Japanese cultu… Read More

A Japanese dream come true

Sydney Basics G'Day Japan!

Experience authentic Japanese hospitality right here in Sydney The Japanese are known for their acute attention to detail and generous hospitality. The crème de la crème of the Japanese hospitality industry are the ryokans. A ryokan is a traditional Japanese style inn often with an attached ho… Read More

Exploring the new and old of Japan in Sydney

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With over 30,000 Australian travellers visiting Japan in 2014, Japan has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for many Australians and no longer a curious island country far up in Asia. Japan is home to a unique culture that comes from a mixture of traditions and futuristic technolo… Read More