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How to eat sushi like a sushi chef Fish first into the soy sauce - sushi etiquette you mustn’t forget Eat sushi the connoisseur’s way Side menus that improve your sushi dining experience Sushi is a big part of the everyday Australian food culture now, so it’s time to start perfecting t… Read More

Party like the Japanese!

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The authentic way to enjoy karaoke 1.01 People in Japan of all ages, teenagers, young adults and even elderly men and women love a good party at karaoke. Some even use karaoke as a way to release stress. Lantern by Wagaya is a luxury style karaoke restaurant with 22 different private karaoke … Read More

Have you heard of Sake?

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Another piece of the puzzle that is Japanese cuisine...   Izakaya Masuya is one of the trailblazers in Sydney turning heads and sparking interest in sake, the Japanese fermented rice wine. They’ve got a vast selection of sake from all over Japan, chosen carefully by their resident som… Read More

It’s a ramen’s world

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Here's why you should give the ramen trend a go... For a few years now, the ramen trend has been slowly taking over major international cities like New York, and here in Sydney? The battle has just begun. Ramen crossed the ocean to Japan from China during the Meiji era, and over time it evolv… Read More