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Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“…an uninterrupted panorama of the Northern Alps…” Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field is hidden behind a highway and a gondola station, leading some to assume that it's small potatoes. However that preconception is soon dispelled as they arrive at the centre of a 360º panorama that take in the Northe… Read More

Hakuba Happo-One

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“…one of the Hakuba Valley’s pioneering ski resorts…” Happo-One is one of the Hakuba Valley's pioneering ski resorts, with roots stretching back to the 1920s. Today it remains at the forefront of the development of snow sports in Japan, and with plenty of excellent-quality powder, is one o… Read More

Hakuba 47 Mountain Sports Park

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“Non-stop fun at one of Hakuba's youngest resorts” A distincitvely Gen Y resort in comparison to the many baby boomers in the Hakuba Valley, Hakuba 47 was born in 1990 but has since risen to prominence as one of the valley’s premier all-season resorts. Its winter scenery is nothing short o… Read More

Hakuba Goryu

Nagano Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“…incredible views of the the Japanese Alps…” Hakuba Goryu has an ideal balance of courses, from those that will see you instinctively asking yourself whether your life insurance policy is up to date before you drop in, to mellow kids parks, and everything in between. Starting from the to… Read More


Nagano Property & Money G'Day Japan!

Gold medal-winning powder The Hakuba Valley is where it all went down during the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics; medals were hotly contested, but at the end of the day, everyone that experienced the kiss of its powder and the excitement of its curves was a winner. And it was all just another chap… Read More

Kamui Ski Links

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“…don’t be shy to go exploring…” Kamui Ski Links is within close reach of the Hokkaido Powder Belt transport hub of Asahikawa, and has 10 powder-laden courses set between 751m and 150m on the 799m Mt Kamui-yama. For an easy introduction to Kamui, head to the four mellow, compacted runs clo… Read More

Hoshino Resorts Tomamu

Hokkaido Discover G'Day Japan!

A place of never ending fun - in and out of the snow” Whether it’s your first snow holiday or your 100th, a holiday at Hoshino Resorts Tomamu is a new kind of holiday experience you must try. Located between Asahikawa, New Chitose and Obihiro Airport, the resort is accessible by train or car w… Read More

Furano Ski Resort

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“…one of Hokkaido Powder Belt’s best resorts.” Furano Ski Resort has some of the lightest, driest powder in Japan there is to be enjoyed. Peeling off the embankments as you criss-cross down the slopes, it falls finer and drier than resorts near the coast thanks to lower inland humidity, an… Read More


Hokkaido Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Real powder, and the real Japan Manicured fields of lavender, sunflowers and other colourful blooms, carpeting gently undulating hills with mountain peaks over the horizon. Administratively a city, quintessentially still a country town, Furano has Eden-like qualities that have attracted televi… Read More


Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Furano / Tokachidake / Tomamu / Kamui / Asahikawa / Asahidake / Kurodake It's official. Powder has acquired the status of a religion on Hokkaido, with some of its staunchest exponents found spreading the gospel throughout the Hokkaido Powder Belt. There's not a lot of convincing to be done about … Read More

Niseko Grand Hirafu

Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

“Grand Hirafu is in better shape than ever…” Grand Hirafu celebrated one of its best seasons to date in 2013-14. The powder took a bit longer than usual to arrive, but once it did the resort was open until the beginning of May, receiving some nice powder dumps like the 25cm recorded the ni… Read More


Hokkaido Tours & Activities G'Day Japan!

Once you’ve been, you’ll never get enough… Of all the reasons to visit Niseko on a snow holiday, the most important one is, has and always will be one thing: powder, and lots of it. The powder which comes with cold winds all the way from Russia is served fine, dry and in bulk from November to… Read More


Nagano Basics G'Day Japan!

location.href = '/kokuyas-special-chance-lucky-dip/'; Shibu Onsen is a small, hot-spring district town in Nagano Prefecture that opens up behind a curtain of stream, revealing traditions and architecture of years passed still standing tall and proud. This town was discovered 1,300 years ago by a … Read More

Travel Japan like a pro!

Basics G'Day Japan!

Japan has astonishing depth as a travel destination, showcasing everything from futuristic cities to secluded temples, famously fine and dry powder snow, and brilliant coral reefs. To help you truly experience everything Japan has to offer, here is a guide to some basic tips that will ensure that y… Read More


Nagano Basics G'Day Japan!

SHIBU ONSEN The neighbouring town to snow monkey park, full of charm and traditions Shibu Onsen is a small, hot-spring district town in Nagano Prefecture that opens up behind a curtain of steam, revealing traditions and architecture of years passed, still standing tall and proud. This town was… Read More