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Zao Onsen Ski Resort

Yamagata Tours & Activities GJ Editor

SNOW MONSTER COUNTRY Zao Onsen Ski Resort is one of Japan's vintage snow resorts, famous for its combination of rare scenery, abundant hot springs and amazing powder snow. It was established in 1925, soon after the birth of skiing in Japan, and now covers an area of more than 300 hectares in… Read More


Nagano Basics GJ Editor

The neighbouring town to the snow monkey park, full of charm and tradition SHIBU Onsen is a quaint hot spring town in Nagano Prefecture that opens up behind a curtain of steam, revealing traditions and architecture of years passed, still standing tall and proud. The town's original spring-head w… Read More

Powder bliss in Nagano-Niigata ; OMACHI

Nagano Discover GJ Editor

Enjoy the finer things in a hot spring town on Hakuba’s doorstep   Just 40 minutes from Hakuba, Omachi is local to the ski resorts of Kashimayari Sports Village and Jiigatake. Its hot spring area of Omachi Onsenkyō is set in deep forest, and skiers and snowboarders overnight here from … Read More

Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort

Nagano Tours & Activities GJ Editor

NATURAL BOWL   Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort enjoys the Hakuba Valley's heaviest powder dumps, and impressive mountain views from its hot spring baths. A gigantic natural bowl lined with tree runs, the resort has a designated off-piste area that makes it a powder heaven. Family friendly slo… Read More

Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field

Nagano Tours & Activities GJ Editor

PANORAMIC PLEASURE   Enjoying a 360° panorama of the Northern Alps and Hakuba Basin, Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field has 26 courses down the 1,289-metre Mount Iwatake. Mountainside, the beginners' area around the summit, is the place for mellow cruising with amazing scenery. The Hillside area … Read More

Hakuba Happo-one

Nagano Tours & Activities GJ Editor

POWDER PIONEER   Hakuba Happo-one is one of the Hakuba Valley's pioneering ski resorts, with roots stretching back to the 1920s. Today it remains at the forefront of the development of snow sports in Japan, and with more than twelve metres of excellent quality powder a season, delive… Read More

Hakuba 47 Mountain Sports Park

Nagano Food and Drink GJ Editor

AMAZING TERRAIN AND PARKS A distinctively Gen Y resort in comparison to the many baby boomers in the Hakuba Valley, Hakuba 47 was born in 1990, and has since risen to prominence as one of the valley’s premier all-season resorts. Its winter scenery is nothing short of magical, with a skyline … Read More

Hakuba Goryu

Nagano Tours & Activities GJ Editor

ROOM FOR EVERYONE Covered in the excellent powder snow of the Northern Japanese Alps, Hakuba Goryu is interconnected with Hakuba 47 next door, created a balanced total of 23 courses for all riders. Its Escal Plaza building is fully equipped with restaurants, rentals, and shops for snow gear … Read More

Snowed under in Hokkaido ; BIFUKA

Hokkaido Tours & Activities GJ Editor

Hidden gem to the north of Asahikawa BIFUKA is a picturesque rural town of Hokkaido's northern 'Dōhoku' region, located some 95 kilometres from Asahikawa on the JR Sōya Main Line. Its neighbour of Nayoro is some 80 kilometres from this central Hokkaido transport hub, and together, they form an… Read More

Kamui Ski Links

Hokkaido Tours & Activities GJ Editor

DISCOVER MORE Kamui enjoys an average of eight metres of dream-like powder snow a season, and sheltered inland, is known for its brilliant blue skies in winter. Lift passes are also very reasonably priced here, and there's a course for everyone - as well as plenty of great snow activities - … Read More

Snowed under in Hokkaido ; ASHIBETSU

Hokkaido Hot Springs GJ Editor

Nature up a notch, in the heart of Hokkaido   LOCAL farmland around Furano is famous for its prime produce, and one of these farming districts is the city of Ashibetsu. With 89% of its land area composed of lush forests, it is filled with the fresh atmosphere of alpine countryside, enc… Read More

Snowed under in Hokkaido ; TOKACHIDAKE

Hokkaido Discover GJ Editor

For hungry riders on a raw powder diet   TOKACHIDAKE is nature in the Hokkaido Powder Belt 'as is'. There are no lifts, no groomed runs, and no crowds; just pure powder to be enjoyed. The area consists of Tokachidake, a 2,077-metre volcano, and Tokachidake Onsen, a hot spring village d… Read More

Furano Ski Resort

Hokkaido Tours & Activities GJ Editor

PURE POWDER PLEASURE Furano receives an average of some seven metres of the lightest, driest powder there is to be enjoyed in Japan every winter. It is essentially a drier version of the bounty that hits resorts closer to the Hokkaido coast, due to the lower humidity levels inland, where tempe… Read More

Snowed under in Hokkaido ; FURANO

Hokkaido Discover GJ Editor

> Full-service outdoor playground > Lower humidity means even drier powder snow > Authentic local culture and hospitality   Winter guests visit the city of Furano for skiing and snowboarding both locally, and nearby at backcountry spots and other resorts around the Hok… Read More

Rusutsu Resort

Hokkaido Tours & Activities GJ Editor

HOME OF POWDER SNOW   Rusutsu Resort is Hokkaido's number one for sheer size, with an enormous network of 37 courses over three mountains. They include terrain from double black diamond to beginner, and just 90 minutes from New Chitose Airport, the resort averages over 13 metres of f… Read More


Hokkaido Hot Springs GJ Editor

Hot spring heaven around the corner from Niseko @JNTO NISEKO still has a few secrets up its sleeve, and one of these is Niseko-chō, or the Niseko town district. Set within the forests and rivers of the lush Niseko-Shakotan-Otaru Kaigan Quasi-National Park, it is naturally abundant, and a po… Read More


Discover GJ Editor

Japan is stunning to visit at any time of year   Feast your eyes upon four of Japan's great seasonal activities and destinations in this feature. Although they showcase some of its quintessential natural and cultural heritage, these highlights can easily remain hidden behind the deep powde… Read More