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Weird Japanese Food: Umeboshi

Food and Drink Alison Muir Alison Muir

In the popular Studio Ghibli animated film ‘Grave of the Fireflies’, the boy, Seita, forages in the rubble of a bombed city. He uncovers an undamaged supply cache, and retrieves several packages. One of these items is a large glass jar full of round, red morsels. On his way home, he opens the jar a… Read More

Weird Japanese Food: Natto

Food and Drink Alison Muir Alison Muir

One food item that’s practically guaranteed to get you all the elbow space you could possibly desire is the Japanese food known as ‘natto’. This dish is made from fermented soybeans, and opinion on it is fairly divisive even within Japan. Although it is a popular food for many reasons, it stinks to… Read More

Eating until you’re stuffed in Japan

Food and Drink Alison Muir Alison Muir

If you’d love to go to Japan, but you’re the kind of person who goes out for sushi and ends up with a pile of plates that kind of vaguely resembles a Japanese-style Leaning Tower of Pisa, do not despair. Japan will not starve you. In fact, if you haven’t managed to gain about five kilos from your t… Read More

The other Japanese cuisine

Food and Drink Ayla Yuile Ayla Yuile

Japan as a whole is one of the biggest food capitals in the world not just because of the washoku (Japanese food) but for the caliber of restaurants there are in all types of cuisines and all budgets. When visiting Japan you can expect to find exquisite washoku (Japanese food), which includes thing… Read More

Have you heard of Sake?

Sydney Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Another piece of the puzzle that is Japanese cuisine...   Izakaya Masuya is one of the trailblazers in Sydney turning heads and sparking interest in sake, the Japanese fermented rice wine. They’ve got a vast selection of sake from all over Japan, chosen carefully by their resident som… Read More

It’s a ramen’s world

Sydney Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Here's why you should give the ramen trend a go... For a few years now, the ramen trend has been slowly taking over major international cities like New York, and here in Sydney? The battle has just begun. Ramen crossed the ocean to Japan from China during the Meiji era, and over time it evolv… Read More


Niigata Discover G'Day Japan!

Experiencing the bounty of a Japanese Bordeaux Echigo-Yuzawa is part of a region called Minami-Uonuma, which is in many ways a Bordeaux of Japan. Just as Bordeaux has an ideal climate for viticulture, Minami-Uonuma has an ideal climate for rice farming, and the quality of its Minami-Uonuma Koshi… Read More


Nagano Basics G'Day Japan!

An extended stay in Omachi often happens naturally when day visitors fall in love with its charming hot spring inns, restaurants and izakaya bars...   HOT SPRING INNS & HOTELS With its long history, traditional architecture is one of Omachi's trademarks, and inn rooms with slidi… Read More


Hokkaido Food and Drink G'Day Japan!

Real powder, and the real Japan Manicured fields of lavender, sunflowers and other colourful blooms, carpeting gently undulating hills with mountain peaks over the horizon. Administratively a city, quintessentially still a country town, Furano has Eden-like qualities that have attracted televi… Read More